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Music Of The Gods

The Sounds of Interstellar Space NASA

Music Of The Spheres Crystalinks
“In space, no one can hear you scream.”
Alien (1979)
"Sometimes the scariest things come from within. "

The Music of the Spheres, or the Metaphysics of Music by Robert Kelly
Metaphysics Of Sound
The Music of the Spheres, celestial harmonics of creation
432 Hz | Deep Sleep Calming (1 Hour) Meditation
432 Hz Tuning
Music of the Spheres Guru Singh
The Om Frequency
The Hum ~  Live Science
axis mundi
"As Above, So Below"
136.10 hz is the numerical representation of the vibrational tone of Ohm
136.1 Hz 432 Hz
Solfeggio Frequencies
Tibetain Buddhist Chanting
Mongolian Flute Singing ** Skvalthr Throat Singing
Music Of The Gods

Kokopelli Wikipedia
7/15/13 After 'Shameful' Auction in Paris, Sacred Katsinam Returned to Hopis
Kachina Dolls #1
Hopi Kachina Figures Wikipedia
Kachina Dolls #4
2014 Navajos reclaim sacred masks at auction

Eru Ilúvatar (Tolkien God) created a group of angelic beings, called in Elvish the Ainur, and these holy spirits were co-actors in the creation of the universe through a holy music and chanting called the "Music of the Ainur", or Ainulindalë in Elvish.
Apollo - God of the Sun and Music - Crystalinks
Erato is the Muse of Lyric Poetry
Dagda's Harp
Apollo was the god of music in Greek and Roman mythology
Hermes' Lyre
Pipes of Pan
Marsyas, Athena, Apollo and the flute
Linus invented the harp, melody and rhythm but Thamyris claim he could sing more beautifully than the Muses and for punishment they blinded him, took away his ability to make poetry and to play the lyre.
In Greek religion and mythology, Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds and rustic music
The Bullroarer
is an ancient ritual musical instrument and a device historically
used for communicating over greatly extended distances.
In Greek mythology, the satyr Marsyas is a central figure in two stories involving death: in one, he picked up the double flute (aulos) that had been abandoned by Athena and played it; in the other, he challenged Apollo to a contest of music and lost his hide and life.
Sami Rune Drums
Ceremonial Drum - Wikipedia ~ Google Search Page
Ritual Drumming Google
Shaman Drums Images ~ Ceremonial Drums Images
Shaman Drums A Pinterist Board
The Myth of The Origin of The Drum
One night, a seven-year-old boy had a dream. In the dream was a Jeu, and a man inside was beating a drum. He gave the boy a drum. When the child awoke, he was confused and looked all around him for the drum from his dream. Unable to find it, he asked his parents to give him one. They had no idea what he meant, as they had never seen a drum before. The boy cried for several days, and his parents were unable to console him.

One day, his father instructed the boy's mother to prepare a large amount of sago, as they were going on a trip. The boy and his father rowed in their canoe for three days and nights, until they came to a Jeu. Inside was a man beating a drum. The father told the man of his son's dream. The man then explained to the father and son how to make a drum. He instructed them which wood to cut, how to hollow it out, and how to fashion a head from lizard skin tied on with rattan. Finally, he gave the child a drum of his own.

The father and son returned to their village with the drum, to the amazement of his mother. And to this day, the Asmat make drums in this way.