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The Lotus

In Forma SpecificaDedicata ~ Studium

Matrix is defined (in part) as something (such as a situation or a set of conditions) in which something else develops or forms. These pages are an unfolding of certain content relevant to this site. Pages of expanded information on various subjects. Like a lotus, with chambers of seed, which each will become a new lotus to unfold. These pages will one day evolve into a different format but for now this is the chosen method for this Unfolding of the Matrix.

I noted this particular image I chose of the lotus had three rings with the following numbers of seeds. 1 - 7 - 13. So I just did a search for those numbers. The first thing to come up was from the bible: 2 Chronicles 1:7-13 where God comes to Solomon and asks what he could give him. Solomon says "Give me now wisdom and knowledge". God was pleased he didn't ask for wealth and other things so he granted his request PLUS gave him those other things. I thought, "How appropriate." (for this site I mean)

The spiritual symbolism of the lotus in Buddhism and Egyptian mythology is well known. It represents many essential spiritual concepts. For Buddhist and Ancient Egyptians it represents unfolding into perfection. I like the Buddhist Zen thought of  " No Mud, No Lotus".  Akin is the saying, "No Grit, No Pearl". Such beautiful metaphors.

Helena P. Blavatsky said in The Secret Doctrine "Not a monument in the valley of the Nile is without this plant in an honoured place. On the capitals of the Egyptian pillars, on the thrones and even the head-dresses of the Divine Kings, the lotus is everywhere …” In Egypt the lotus is the Symbol of the Goddess Isis ( #1#2 ). Two of  Dion Fortune's (Deo, non Fortuna > "God not chance")  books, “Sea Priestess” and “Moon Magic”  " are considered the finest magic novels ever written" and have been called "ceremonial magic textbooks". They center around a main character who is a Priestess of Isis, named Vivian Le Fay Morgan. She wrote, "All women are Isis and Isis is all women.”

This introduction is an example of how my mind goes off the trail on to some path I have no idea where it may lead. So when I do this I create little documents of what I find there. Sometimes the trail is long and meandering and sometimes short but still leads to wondrous things. This may still go further later. So I hope you will enjoy these little excursions as much as I do.

Egyptian Creation And The Lotus

An Eygyptian creation story says that a lotus flower emerged from the waters of a lake called "The Sea of the Two knives". This lake was located in a park near the temple in Hermopolis. When the lotus' petals opened, a divine child was revealed - Ra

Another is the same as the previous with the exception that inside the lotus was a scarab beetle, which is a symbol of the rising sun. The scarab then transformed into a crying boy. His tears became mankind. The lotus was sometimes identified as the Eye of Ra
Lotus Sutra
Symbol of the Lotus BuddhaNet
In Buddhist symbolism, the lotus represents purity of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. It is also symbolic of detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals. According to legend, Gautama Buddha was born with the ability to walk, and lotus flowers bloomed everywhere he stepped.
Lord Brahma is said to have been born from the lotus that was growing out of the navel of Lord Vishnu.
In Vedic scripture, the body of Lord Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is described as being like a bluish new-grown lotus flower.
In esoteric Buddhism, the heart of beings is like an unopened lotus.The heart-lotus or "lotus of heart" is the center of the infinite, omnipresent consciousness which connects with the consciousness of the universe.
The eight petals of the white lotus correspond to the Noble Eightfold Path. This lotus is found at the heart of the Garbhadhatu Mandala, regarded as the womb or embryo of the world.