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Other Traditions 101

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Occult - MagickPaganismShamanismChannelingNew Age - Spiritualism/Paranormal

This page is an addition to the Primary Seven page with basic informational links to other religions. I have chosen some with image links to either main websites to their tradition or an informational link on that tradition. A place to just come and explore a bit and begin your personal study. Hope this is helpful.
"I shall be telling this with a sigh   
Somewhere ages and ages hence:   
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—   
I took the one less traveled by,   
And that has made all the difference"
Robert Frost

The Rod, The Root And The Flower
by Coventry Patmore

Yoruba Religion
ancestral to the American religions
SanteríaUmbanda ~ Candomblé
Macy Afterlife: The Beacon
The focus of this site is life after death and ITC (instrumental transcommunication),
the use of technology to get in touch with the worlds of spirit.






(one of the youngest amongst the major world religions) teaches that all religions lead to God (Ik Onkar -'There is one God')
Inayat Khan Rehmat Khan Pathan

Sufism Wikipedia
Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hindustani Lyrics by Inayat Khan and Jessie Duncan Westbrook
Works by or about Inayat Khan at Internet Archive

Heterodoxy ~ Orthodoxy

Celtic Christianity

Nontrinitarian ~ Sabellianism ~ Adoptionism

An Outline Of Spirit
Helping Understand the Mystery Of Spirit-Soul-Body
“Soul” and “Spirit”—What Do These Terms Really Mean?
What Is the Difference Between the Soul and Spirit of Man?
Wikipedia List Of Religions
List Religions and Spiritual Traditions
Esoteric Christianity
Avesta, the earliest religious texts of Zoroastrianism
Religious Symbols
Tao Te Ching by Lao-tzu J. Legge, Translator ~ Tao Te Ching Translation by Derek Lin
Deism Wikipedia


Hinuism ~ Buddhism ~ Taoism ~ Theosophy ~ New Age ~ Psycology
The Official Site of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church

New Thought Movement Wikipedia
International New Thought Alliance
New Thought Library
Phineas Quimby Wikipedia ~ Phineas Quimby Writings
Christian Science ~ Wikipedia ~ Centers For Spiritual Living ~ Mary Baker Eddy
Unity Church ~ Divine Science
Ecclesia Pistis Sophia "Gnostic" Healing"
John Alexander Dowie 
Mirzā Ghulām Ahmad

The Family International, formed as the Children of God
The Mo Letters David Berg

Isa Ibn Maryam
Islamic Eschatology

We have all heard that "all roads lead to Rome" but in reality all roads lead to Egypt. This is especially true when one studies Christianity and Judaism and finds that these sister-faiths are nothing more than evolutionary developments of the Egyptian Religion. Understand from the beginning that Judaism is a much more faithful picture of this Planet's original understanding of the Divine than Christianity. As a Pastor I am amazed where my studies have taken me and the things I have learned over these last twenty years in my pursuit of Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. Never did I expect to find what I have uncovered and consider myself fortunate to live in an age where archeology and other such disciplines are giving back to mankind what Rome destroyed, covered up, and took from us over the last two thousand years. - Craig M. Lyons Ms.D., D.D., M.Div. > PDF >> More Here


Project Gutenburg Human Potential Movement

Gospel of the Nazarenes Wikipedia
The Essenes

The Essenes and Jesus
Some believe Jesus did not die on the cross but was saved by the Essenes.
Jesus was taken down from the cross by his fellow Essenes because
he was "exalted over his enemies" so saved from death.

The accounts of the Empty Tomb vary.
According to Matthew, an angel in shining garments is seen by Mary and Mary opening the tomb, and the angel tells them not to be afraid since Jesus is risen from the dead.
Some speculate that the "angel" was actually an Essene.
Was Jesus St. Issa?


"When one realizes one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake."
P.D. Ouspensky ~
Gurdjieff School of the Fourth Way
Kung Fu - Fear is the only darkness

"As is contained in its name, religious naturalism has two central aspects. One is the naturalist view – that the natural world is all there is (and that nothing other than natural, including an active personal God, may cause events in the world). The other is appreciation of religion (which, for many, is mainly personal), with a view that Nature can be the focus of religious attention. Naturalist views, grounded in science, provide a framework for understanding what seems real."

Cult of Reason
Religion of Humanity
Intrinsic Value/Inherent Value - Animal Ethics

The Navajo Pollen Path

Religious Naturalism
Religious Naturalism Org
Religious Naturalist Association
Spiritual Naturalist Society
Atomic Materialist >> Atomism Wikipedia

Mindfulness ~ Bahá'í ~ Buddhist ~ Christian ~ Taoism ~ Hinduism ~ Islam ~ New AgePagan
ShamanismThe Shamans and the Transformative Power of the Drum Meditation
Tarot Meditation Basic
Esoteric - Wikipedia
Mysticism Wikipedia

Philosophy of Religion
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy:Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Religion.Info
philosophia perennis 
"Wisdom-Religion" or "Ancient Wisdom"
a perspective in the philosophy of religion which views each of the world’s religious traditions as sharing a single, universal truth on which foundation all religious knowledge and doctrine has grown.
Aldous Huxley's Book The Perennial Philosophy ~ Wikipedia
Dasein being there
Sufis say, "Die before you die."
Be Here Now Audio Book
Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha and Sacred Writings
Shakers > Index of On-Line Shaker Manuscripts ~ Only 3 Shakers left and living here  > The Last of the Shakers? - Down East

Narrative Theology
From Wineskins to Jubilee to Narrative Theology
The Exodus Rubel Shelly: Rising Up To Play Musical Idolatry

Matthew Fox (priest) ~ Website
Twelve Principles of Creation Spirituality
via negativa and via positiva
Oneida Community and Oneida Stirpiculture
Babalon Working
Jack Parsons
cited him as one of the most significant figures in propagating Thelema across North America.
Frederick Lenz (Master Rama-Master Fwap)
was a spiritual teacher who taught what he termed American Buddhism, including the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Vedanta, and Mysticism.
Arthur Ford American psychic, founded the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship
Cult Awareness and Information Centre
The Process Church of The Final Judgment ~ Robert DeGrimston

The Spiritual Exercises of ECK by Harold Klemp the 973rd Living Eck Master  of Eckankar  founded by Paul Twitchell ( Peddar Zaskq )
  Ron Hubbard >> Scientology Wiki Entry >> Scientology  Website

Russell's Teapot
Religious Debates Over The Harry Potter Series
Creating A Religion Goggle Search
List of religious ideas in science fiction
List of religious ideas in fantasy fiction
List of fictional religions
Parody Religion

Open Skies Ministry

Vampire Church:A Study of Life Force Energy


American Atheists Org
 ~ Atheism WikipediaImages
Madalyn Murray O'hair
Viruses of the Mind
Blasphemy Day

Talk Origins
Common Superstitions
25 Most Popular Superstitions Around The World Video
A List of Good Luck and Bad Luck Superstitions
Why "Magical Thinking" Works for Some People

is an online church for atheists, agnostics, non-religious,
and people who don't believe in spooky things.  

James Randi'sEncyclopedia of Claims

Richard Dawkins interviews Deepak Chopra (Enemies of Reason Uncut Interviews)
The Enemies of Reason

Manichaeism was a major religion (now extinct) that was founded by the Iranian prophet Mani and taught an elaborate dualistic cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light, and an evil, material world of darkness.

Theism ~ Paganism ~  PantheismPolytheismMonotheismDualism ~ Panentheism
Atum (Egyptian) The first god, having created himself
(Sufi Text) The Tarjuman al-Ashwaq by Ibn al-Arabi tr. by Reynold A. Nicholson [1911]

Apophatic Theology ~ Cataphatic Theology
"Orange People"
Aghori are ascetic Shaiva sadhus known to engage in post-mortem rituals, sometimes involving cannibalism or necrophilia. They often dwell in charnel grounds, have been witnessed smearing cremation ashes on their bodies, and have been known to use bones from human corpses for crafting kapalas
Asceticism ~ Monasticism
Hermit ~ Renunciation
Monk ~ Nun
Sannyasa ~ Nekkhamma
Unicorns in the Bible ~ Dragons in the Bible
Herbert W. Armstrong ~ Worldwide Church of God ~ Interesting Website
Dominion Theology
Umbanda Religion
is a religion that blends African traditions with Roman Catholicism, Spiritualism, and Indigenous American beliefs
Shamanism Is It A Religion
Sanguinarius.Org For Real Vampires ~ Dreamhart.Org (Otherkin 2.0)
Sanguinarian Goggle
Unknown years of Jesus
generally refers to the period between Jesus's childhood and the beginning of his ministry.

published on 1 Dec 1908 by Levi
The Aquarian Christine Church Universal
was a Mystery Religion primarily practiced by Roman Soldiers
January 8th, 1697 – Execution of Thomas Aikenhead the last person in Britain to be executed for blasphemy
Aikenhead was indicted in December 1696. The indictment read:That the prisoner had repeatedly maintained, in conversation, that theology was a rhapsody of ill-invented nonsense, patched up partly of the moral doctrines of philosophers, and partly of poetical fictions and extravagant chimeras: That he ridiculed the holy scriptures, calling the Old Testament Ezra's fables, in profane allusion to Esop's Fables; That he railed on Christ, saying, he had learned magick in Egypt, which enabled him to perform those pranks which were called miracles: That he called the New Testament the history of the imposter Christ; That he said Moses was the better artist and the better politician; and he preferred Muhammad to Christ: That the Holy Scriptures were stuffed with such madness, nonsense, and contradictions, that he admired the stupidity of the world in being so long deluded by them: That he rejected the mystery of the Trinity as unworthy of refutation; and scoffed at the incarnation of Christ. On the morning of 8 January 1697, Aikenhead wrote to his 'friends' that "it is a principle innate and co-natural to every man to have an insatiable inclination to the truth, and to seek for it as for hid treasure.
Edward Wightman (1612), the last person to be burned at the stake for heresy in England.
John William Gott prosecuted for blasphemy and jailed in 1922 ~ George Holyoake was a British secularist, co-operator, and newspaper editor. He coined the term "Secularism" in 1851[2] and the term "Jingoism" in 1878 was convicted for blasphemy in a public lecture in 1842

Heathenry and Racism