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I am placing this here as Zoroastrianism is one of the world's oldest, and at one time most powerful religions, combining a cosmogonic dualism and eschatological monotheism in a manner unique among the major religions of the world.


Jewish Encyclopedia Wikipedia Entry

As implied this page is a beginning point for information on the world's top religions. I have gone a bit beyond that adding some others intermixed here. As prevalent on this site so many things are interwoven that you will find more links on other pages that relate to these and each other, what I like to tern the “Spiritual Spiderweb”. This is a very basic reference page to begin an exploration. This will evolve over time to include more links and information. For more go to the Other Traditions Page

Halakha ~  Canon Law ~ Sharia

Why do we have so many religions...?
Lucius Apuleius and the Metamorphoses (Golden Ass)


Sarah ~ Hagar
Isaac ~ RebeccaIshmael
Jacob ~ Esau

Origins of Judaism ~ Origins Of Christianity ~ History Of Islam

Judaism 101: The Patriarchs and the Origins of Judaism
Hebrews ~ Israelites
Jehovah ** Allah

Scholars believe that key concepts of Zoroastrian Eschatology and Demonology influenced the Abrahamic Religions
Zoroastrianism ~ Avesta
Ancient Semitic Religion
Torah ~ King James Version Bible ~ Quran ~ Avesta 
Septuagint ~ Hexapla ~ Vulgate
The Torah In Other Religions
The Hajj is the largest annual gathering of people in the world.



The Holy See

Online Bible Links
Christian Links
Christian Search Engine
Net Ministries
The Anointed Christian Links (ACL) site presents an alphabetical list of Christian websites, many are resource sites which could give you weeks, or even months, of browsing.
Omphalos Hypothesis
Genesis Networks
Christian Links Directory
Jesus Freak Hideout Christian Music Links
Godly Christian Music Links
Today's Christian Music
Christian Goth Music Links
The History Of Christianity: 99 Essential Resources
Bible Gateway
Trinity Broadcasting Network
King James Bible Online
Bible Study Tools
Is Christian mysticism an oxymoron or is it a legitimate path for a Christian?
Shroud of Turin

Christian mysticism Wiki
Manly Palmer Hall Archive
Johannes Kelpius ~ Klepius Society
The Book of the Cave of Treasures

Hymn of the Pearl
The hymn is commonly interpreted as a Gnostic view of the human condition,
that we are spirits lost in a world of matter and forgetful of our true origin.
Gnosis.org Entry


The Three Marys

Joseph of Arimathea and the Grail Legend
Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina was elected Pope Francis on 13 March 2013 and is the first Jesuit pope.
(Christian) Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association
Ignatius of Loyola ~ Society of JesusIgnatian SpiritualityFinding God in All ThingsJesuit Scientific Tradition and Ignatian SpiritualityJesuits As Science Missionaries
Members of the Society of Jesus have a historical and occasionally controversial role in the history of science: List of Jesuit Scientists
Liberation Theology
The Sermon on the Mount is used as the basis for Christian Anarchism and Christian Pacifism
Didache ~ Didascalia Apostolorum


Links to Islam
Sultan Org
World of Islam Portal
Islam and Islamic Studies Resources
Islamic History


HinduLinks Universe
Rada.name Links
Hindu Web
God Web Hinduism


Buddha Net Links
Pluralism.org Buddhism Bibliography and Selected Links
Useful Links - Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies
Buddhism links - Kenyon College
San Francisco State University Resources for the Study of Buddhism
Saddhamma Links - What-Buddha-Said.net
Directories and Buddhist Links - The DharamsalaNet
Secular Buddhism - Wikipedia
Mahayana Buddhism
Theravada Buddhism
Dhamma Wikipedia
H-Buddhism  serves as a medium for the exchange of information regarding academic resources, new research projects, scholarly publications, university job listings, and so forth, for specialists in Buddhist Studies who are currently affiliated with academic institutions.
Engaged Buddhism
International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB)
Joanna Macy on Engaged Buddhism
Engaged Buddhism Wikipedia Entry
Eco-Dharma Centre
Tibetian Specific
Tipitaka The Pali Canon

The Open Path (Boise) Facebook Page

Dipa Ma Mother Of Light
>Dharma Talks<
Reading Zen: Sixteen Zen Teachers Each Recommend Five Books
How Would a Buddhist Monk Solve the Classic “Trolley Problem”?

Aro gTér Wikipedia

“Out of nowhere, the mind comes forth.”
The Diamond Sutra
Dated back to 11 May 868 The Diamond Sutra in the words of the British Library
is the earliest complete survival of a dated printed book
Shikantaza and Koan
Two Pillars Of Soto Zen
Japanese Zen teacher Muju (the "non-dweller") Koans
“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”
5 Zen Koans that Will Open Your Mind


Sikh Links - Sikhism Guide
Sikhism Bibliography and Selected Links
Sikhism Wikipedia
History of the Sikhs Web Portal
  Hindu Web Sikhism Links #1 ~ #2


Jewish Virtual Library
Shamash The Jewish Network Links
Judaism and Jewish Resources - Andrew Tannenbaum
Jewish Links - The Jewish Appleseed Foundation
Links: Bibliography of Related Websites Jewish Virtual


Bahá'í Faith - Wikipedia
Bahá'í Links Org
The Baha'i Computer and Communications Association:a selection of links to Bahá'í websites
Baha'i Reference Library
Bahai Faith Index - Baha'i portal and search engine


Ancient Hebrew Research Center

The Essenes

Essene Spirit

Essenes Wiki

Jewish Encyclopedia
Catholic Encyclopedia
The Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls
The Eight Pointed Star of the Essenes



Buddhist Philosophy (tripod)
The Samsaric (Worldly) Gods
Transcultural Buddism (blog)

More On Engaged Buddhism Needed
Authorized King James Version (KJV) of the Bible
Bible Gateway
Bible Hub

The Shema

Lama Tsultrim Allione
Objectless Meditation Shikantaza
Houn Jiyu-Kennett
Ryōnen, Dōgen's First Female Disciple

Sabbateans Jewish Massiah

Full Text "
The Woman's Bible" by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Revising Committee [1898]

Star Prophecy

Star of Bethlehem
A Brief History of the Christmas Controversy
Christmas Traditions: Pagan or Christian?
EliYah.com >> Should we Celebrate Christmas?
Mary (mother of Jesus)
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
Masoretic Text
Textus Receptus
The Bible @ Sacred Text Archive
The King James Bible
Biblical Apocrypha
The Apocrypha @ Sacred Text Archive
Apocalyptic Literature
Dead Sea Scrolls
The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library
War Scroll
War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness
Christianity and Paganism
Intertwined: Paganism & Christianity - Patheos
The Pagan Origins of Jesus Christ and Christianity from Biblioteca
The majority of Biblical scholars believe that the written books were a product of the Babylonian captivity (c. 600 BCE)
Nebuchadnezzar I ~ Nebuchadnezzar II

Pope Damasus I ~ St. Jerome
St. Jerome was condemned as a heretic for teaching Christ had only human flesh, not a human mind or will
A Catholic View of St. Jerome
an English monk, called the "The Father of English History"
and contributed significantly to English Christianity.
John Wycliffe and Lollardy
Predestination ~ Iconoclasm ~ Caesaropapism
Both Caesaropapism and Theocracy
are systems in which there is no Separation of Church and State and the two form parts of a single power structure.
Chalcedonian Christianity ~ Christology
is recognized as the patron saint of translators, librarians and encyclopedists.
Council of Nicaea
The Schism of Antioch The Council of Constantinople (381)
Pagan powers within the Roman Empire sought to maintain and re-establish Paganism into the seat of the Emperor
Arbogast and Julian the Apostate
Nebuchadnezzar's Dream
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
The legendary nature of the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is a type known in Folklore as "the disgrace and rehabilitation of a minister," the plot of which involves a man in a state of prosperity who is sentenced to death or prison by the plots of his enemies but vindicated and restored to honor.
Since the 1970s, the custom has arisen of giving the name "Hagar" to newborn female babies.
The giving of this name is often taken as a controversial political act, marking the parents as being supporters of reconciliation with the Palestinians and Arab World
The Woman Who Named God: Abraham's Dilemma and the Birth of Three Faiths
Incident at Antioch
In "A Mistress, A Maid, and No Mercy"
 Renita Weems argues that the relationship between Sarah and Hagar
exhibits "ethnic prejudice exacerbated by economic and social exploitation"
Sikhism ~ Janamsakhis
Persian Dualism
From the book History of the Devil by Paul Carus, [1900]

by Coventry Patmore
often called Hypatia of Alexandria, was a Greek mathematician, astronomer, inventor,[6] and philosopher in Egypt
A pagan, Hypatia was murdered by a Christian mob known as the Parabalani after being accused of exacerbating a conflict between two prominent figures in Alexandria: the Prefect, Orestes, and the bishop, Cyril of Alexandria.
This is a well written piece on Hypatia
Edward T. Babinski
Novatianism was an Early Christian sect devoted to Novatian.
It held a strict view that refused readmission to communion of Lapsi
those baptized Christians who had denied their faith or performed the formalities of
a ritual sacrifice to the pagan gods, under the pressures of persecution
"persons who risk their lives as nurses"
were the members of a brotherhood who in early Christianity
voluntarily undertook the care of the sick and
the burial of the dead knowing they could die.