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Occult Literature

Many of the books at Forgotten Books can be found and read at
The Internet Archive with a simple Google search.
Also if you look for Occult Books on DVD at eBay
copy/paste the titles and they too they too can be read at the Internet Archive

Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies Library

Category:New Age Writers - Wikipedia

Wikipedia List of Occult Writers ~ #2
Spiral Nature 11 most popular occult books of 2015

A Very Good Collection Of Magikal Works
The Atheneum and Study of Sacred Texts Library (PDF)
Must Be A Member of Temple Illuminatus To Access

An Encyclopedia of Occultism 1920 PDF ~ Full Text ~ 2 UP


Aleister Crowley

Wikipedia Entry

The Golden Bough (Wikipedia) by Sir James George Frazer

Peter J. Carroll

Yogi Ramacharaka

26 Books

Bodhisattvacaryavatara Wikipedia

A glossary of important symbols in their Hebrew, pagan and Christian forms (1912).pdf

In contrast to the Pyramid Texts which focus on the celestial realm the

emphasize the subterranean elements of the afterlife ruled by the deity Osiris
in a place called the Duat.

The activities of the Lucis Trust promote the education of the human mind towards recognition and practice of the spiritual principles and values upon which a stable and interdependent world society may be based. ~ACTIVITIES: " The activities of the Lucis Trust include the worldwide financial support of the Arcane School, the Lucis Publishing Companies, World Goodwill, Triangles, Lucis Trust Libraries and Lucis Productions." THE ARCANE SCHOOL: The Arcane School was created by Alice A. Bailey in 1923 as a training school for adult men and women in meditation techniques and the development of spiritual potentiality. The School provides sequential courses of study and meditation, and practical training in group service. The Arcane School is conducted by correspondence in eight languages through headquarters in New York, London, and Geneva. READ MORE

Scarlet Imprint Esoteric Publisher
Hay House
The Esoteric Book Conference
Miskatonic Books  Featured Publishers
Teitan Press
Amemthes Digital Occult Publishing
Anand Gholap online Theosophical Books
Internet Sacred Text Archive
A Buddhist Library
Esoteric Archives
Hermetic Library
Western Esoteric Texts - Internet Sacred Text Archive
Alchemy Electronic Dictionary
Studies In Occultism by by H. P. BLAVATSKY (Gutenburg)

The Occult Library Articles on Occult and Esoteric Subjects

Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica

Lucifer Theosophical Magazine (click image on left to go to beginning)

Voice of Theosophy (online books)
Nightmare Tales by HP. Blavatsky
Occult Tales by W. Q. Judge
Kessinger Publishing Rare Reprints Occult Portal

The Pagan Library Founded October 15th, 1998
Balkans Arcane Bindings Blogspot
 Ehrati Occult Books Blogspot ~ Miskatonic Books Wordpress
** Some More Occult Publishers**
Aeon Sophia Press ~ Avalonia BooksDatura PressHadean PressImagierInner TraditionsIshtar PublishingIxaxaarKerubim PressMandrake PressNephilim PressDemonolatry.orgOuroboros PressSkylight PressThree Hands PressTransmutation PublishingTroy BooksWaning Moon


The history of magic, volume 1 by Joseph Ennemoser (1854)  ~ The history of magic, volume 2

On the Philosophers' Stone from A.E. Waite's Collectanea Chemica, London, 1893.

Sibylline Oracles Wikipedia Entry

Practical Occultism by H.P Blavatsky
Review from an Amazon Reader.
The best overview I have read to date explaining the differences between occult as meant by "hidden wisdom (as it pertains to spirituality and enlightenment)" and the occult arts - which, as practiced by some, takes this subject from the sublime to the ridiculous. An awesome book. I highly recommend it.



The Lesser Key Of Solomon Goetia The Book Of Evil Spirits by Aleister Crowley

Although Crowley's name does not appear in the book, it is actually a pirated version of his edition of the famous grimoire of Talismanic magic, the Lemegeton of Solomon. Crowley first published the book at Boleskine in 1904, under the title 'The Book of the Goetia of Solomon the King' in an edition of only 200 copies using Translations which had been prepared by S. L. MacGregor Mathers, his former mentor in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. De Laurence effectively stole it and published it under his own name. De Laurence - who classically exhibited the thieve's paranoia of being robbed himself - copyrighted the book in 1916, but was lax in listing his reprints. 



The first edition, in 1916, appeared as a pioneer in books dealing specifically with pure Theosophy for children. The second and much larger edition has proved even more attractive than the first, and that text is now unchanged. Whereas the book was originally intended to be a guide to parents in imparting Theosophical ideas to children, it has been found to appeal directly to the children themselves: they read and love the book, and so it is published particularly for them. Meantime, the parents and teachers are being served by The Teacher’s Manual and Guide to The Eternal Verities, in which the, history of the work of Theosophy School for children is given, methods discussed, and supplementary reading suggested. The Eternal Verities also, in its present form of Lessons, Songs and Stories, all developed in consonance with the Three Fundamental

 Magic,  Black and White by Franz Hartmann

This inspiring book has been recommended to others for decades and has become a classic in the field of magic, metaphysics and spirituality. The title is misleading because there is much more covered that goes far beyond magic. Subjects include Spiritual Law in the Natural World, Consciousness, The Spiritual Body, Karma, Transformations, Meditation, Alchemy, Magicians and Mediums, Theosophy, and Divine Wisdom: the Realization of Truth. This is the perfect book for those interested in the fundamental elements of Magic and its philosophy and purpose. Additional subjects include the philosopher¿s stone, the true cross, forbidden knowledge, Rosicrucian wisdom, states after death and the inner world.

This book, which helped launch a movement, has been successfully used in the fields of health, education, business, sports, and creative arts for many years.

Gawain explains how to use mental imagery and affirmations to produce positive changes in one's life. The book contains meditations and exercises that are aimed at helping the practitioner channel energies in good directions, strengthen self-esteem, improve overall health, and experience deep relaxation.


An inspired gathering of religious writings that reveals the "divine reality" common to all faiths, collected by Aldous Huxley
"The Perennial Philosophy," Aldous Huxley writes, "may be found among the traditional lore of peoples in every region of the world, and in its fully developed forms it has a place in every one of the higher religions."
With great wit and stunning intellect—drawing on a diverse array of faiths, including Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Christian mysticism, and Islam—Huxley examines the spiritual beliefs of various religious traditions and explains how they are united by a common human yearning to experience the divine. The Perennial Philosophy includes selections from Meister Eckhart, Rumi, and Lao Tzu, as well as the Bhagavad Gita, Tibetan Book of the Dead, Diamond Sutra, and Upanishads, among many others.


Christ or Buddha

The following treatise was written by the author at my request for the purpose mentioned in the first two paragraphs, and being well fitted by years of study of both Eastern and Western religious systems to undertake such a commission, she has, in my estimation, given a most comprehensive view of the subject. She has taken a most sympathetic attitude towards the Eastern teaching as becomes an enlightened soul. Thus the spirit of this little book is not controversial in any sense, for we do not believe in trying to build up our own religion by casting aspersions upon that of other people. We are just as sure that the religion of the East is perfectly suited to the people who live there as that the Christian religion is the religion for the Western people. Were the Buddha teaching today and a student from the West asked his opinion as to whether he should follow him or the Christ, I feel sure that he would direct the inquirer to The Light of the World. This little book is therefore sent forth in the hope that it may show Western students that their religion is the Christian religion, and that they should leave the Eastern religion to the Eastern people, while embracing with their whole heart and soul the religion of the Christ.

The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature is a book by Harvard University psychologist and philosopher William James. It comprises his edited Gifford Lectures on natural theology, which were delivered at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in 1901 and 1902. The lectures concerned the nature of religion and the neglect of science in the academic study of religion, in James' view. Soon after its publication, the book entered the canon of psychology and philosophy and has remained in print for over a century. James went on to develop his philosophy of pragmatism. There are many overlapping ideas in Varieties and his 1907 book, Pragmatism


The Creed of the Conquering Chief, as Expounded by the Inspired Orator

The Professor's Prologue:
(Here follows explanation of how the Professor came to try out this experiment in Mind-power. It gives the scientific basis upon which it was carried through.) - Authors note.


Gleanins of a Mystic ~ Max Heindel

* *The contents of this book are among the last writings of Max Heindel, the mystic. They contain some of his deepest thoughts, and are the result of years of research and occult investigation. He, too, could say as did Parsifal: "Through error and through suffering I came, through many failures and through countless woes." At last he was given the living water with which he was able to quench the spiritual thirst of many souls. He also developed to their depths pity and love, and could feel the heart throbs of suffering humanity.
   Strong souls are usually endowed with great energy and impulse, and through these very forces, they forge to the front ranks though they often suffer much. As a result they are filled with compassion for others. The writer of these lessons sacrificed his physical body on the altar of service.

A Treatise on White Magic is a book by Alice Bailey. It is considered to be among the most important by students of her writings, as it is less abstract than most, and deals with many important subjects of her works in an introductory, even programmatic fashion. It was first published in 1934 with the subtitle 'The Way of the Disciple'. She promulgated White Magic as a discipline to serve humanity. It is a esoteric text, which Bailey said was dictated telepathically by the Tibetan Master, Djwal Khul. It is offered as a "basic textbook" for the Western aspirant to initiation, and is divided into fifteen rules of magic, each one taking the reader further into the mysteries of spirituality.


The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature is a book by Harvard University psychologist and philosopher William James. It comprises his edited Gifford Lectures on natural theology, which were delivered at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in 1901 and 1902. The lectures concerned the nature of religion and the neglect of science in the academic study of religion, in James' view. Soon after its publication, the book entered the canon of psychology and philosophy and has remained in print for over a century.







The Book of Ceremonial Magic by Arthur Edward Waite [1913]

by G. de Purucker

Transcendental Magic, its doctrine and ritual 1896 PDF
by Eliphas Lévi (Controverscial.com) ~ (Wikipedia)


The Varieties of Religious Experience 1901 and 1902 by
William James
Wikipedia Entry

One of the most interesting reads I have had as of late
By Zoologist and Physiologist James Weir Jr.
third edition 1905 originally published in 1897

The Sacred Fire by B.Z. Goldberg Written In 1930

Green Egg Magazine ~ Wikipedia Entry

Seven Sermons to the Dead (Septem Sermones ad Mortuos) Wikipedia
Audio Video

Siddhartha Wikipedia Entry
Siddhartha Project Gutenberg EBook
Vance Randolph
Ozark Folklorist

Max Hunter Collection of Ozark Mountain Folk Songs

Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling 1891 by Charles Godfrey Leland
who also wrote Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches
Wikipedia Entry
In the 20th century, the book was very influential in the development of the
Contemporary Pagan religion of Wicca.
7 of the 8 Books of Ophiel by Edward Peach.pdf
Listed in their order of release
Ophiel ( Edward c. Peach ) born in 1904 was an occultist and teacher,
who taught and wrote about esotericism and the occult during the 1960 – 70’s.
His books focus on the practical side of the occult.
Practical information and instructions.

The Art and Practice of Astral Projection ~ The Art and Practice of the OccultThe Art and Practice of ClairvoyanceThe Oracle of Fortuna ~ The Art and Practice of Talismanic Magic
 ~ The Art and Practice of Caballa Magic ~ The Art and Magic of Contacting the Demiurge
“On the Path of the Wise there is probably no danger more deadly, no poison more pernicious, no seduction more subtle than Spiritual Pride; it strikes, being solar, at the very heart of the Aspirant; more, it is an inflation and exacerbation of the Ego, so that its victim runs the peril of straying into a Black Lodge, and finding himself at home there.”
Aleister Crowley, Magick Without Tears
Wikpedia Entry
Magick Without Tears, a series of letters, was the last book written by English occultist Aleister Crowley (1875–1947),
although it was not published until after his death.
It was written in the mid-1940s and published in 1954 with a foreword by its editor, Karl Germer.

Hermetic Library - Magick Without Tears
Magick Without Tears from Biblioteca
Magick Without Tears by Aliester Crowley: To Mega Therion

published on 1 Dec 1908 by Levi
The Aquarian Christine Church Universal

A Dweller on Two Planets 1894 by Phylos the Thibetan channeled by Frederick S. Oliver
Wikipedia Entry

by Jakob Böhme

by Manly P. Hall

by Annie Besant
The Secret Teachings Of All Ages by Manly P. Hall 1928
Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception (Max Heindel Full Text

Daemonologie was written and published in 1597 by King James VI of Scotland known for the King James Bible as a philosophical dissertation on contemporary Necromancy and the historical relationships between the various methods of Divination used from ancient Black Magic.

by Paracelsus (late 1493 – September 24, 1541)

The History of the Devil and the Idea of Evil
From the Earliest Times to the Present Day
by Paul Carus (1900)

1912 by Rudolf Steiner

Beowulf Wikipedia
Christopher Marlowe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's ~ Faust (Wikipedia)
Read Here
"The Devil and Daniel Webster" is a short story by Stephen Vincent Benét. This Faustian tale was inspired by Washington Irving's short story "The Devil and Tom Walker." Benet's story centers on a New Hampshire farmer who sells his soul to the Devil and is defended by Daniel Webster, a fictional version of the famous statesman, lawyer, and orator.

Faust Wikipedia



by Coventry Patmore
Was Jesus St. Issa and survive the crucifixion?



Witch Hill : a history of Salem witchcraft
including illustrative sketches of persons and places by
Zachariah Atwell Mudge

1920 By Edward Carpenter

Gods and Devils of Mankind (1897) by Frank Stockton Dobbins Varied Formats

The Other World or Glimpses of the Supernatural 1875
Being Facts, Record and Traditions Relating to
Dreams, Omens, Miraculous Occurrences, Apparitions,
Wraiths, Second Sight, Witchcraft, Necromancy

1919 by Louis Jacolliot


Absolute Key To Occult Science 1892
By Papus (Gérard Encausse)

Curious Lore Of Precious Stones 1938 PDF By
George Frederick Kunz

Walking Wikipedia Entry

By Ralph Waldo Emerson ~ Wikipedia Entry
Practical Mind-Readingby William Walker Atkinson 1908
The Illustrated Key to the Tarot The Veil of Divination, Illustrating the Greater and Lesser Arcana
by L.W. de Laurence
Demonology and Devil-Lore
by Moncure Daniel Conway
Witch, warlock, and magician:
historical sketches of magic and witchcraft in England and Scotland


An History of Magic, Witchcraft, and Animal Magnetism
Originally published 1851
by John Campbell Colquhoun
The Discoverie of Witchcraft
being a reprint of the first edition
published in 1585
written against the belief in witches, to show that witchcraft did not exist.
Part of its content exposes how (apparently miraculous) feats of magic were done
and the book is often deemed the first textbook on conjuring.
Reginald Scot, Esquire
Witchcraft and Magic in the Elizabethan Drama
written for the Journal of American Folklore 1919 by H.W. Harrington
Masoretic Text
Textus Receptus
The Bible @ Sacred Text Archive
The King James Bible
Biblical Apocrypha
The Apocrypha @ Sacred Text Archive
Apocalyptic Literature
Dead Sea Scrolls
The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library
War Scroll
War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness
Clavicula Salomonis ~ Clavicula Salomonis Regis

Numbers - their occult power and mystic virtue (1890 by W. Wynn Westcott
Christian Rosenkreuz
(also spelled Rosenkreutz) is the legendary, possibly allegorical, founder of the Rosicrucian Order (Order of the Rosy Cross)
Fama fraternitatis ~ Confessio Fraternitatis ~ Chemical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz
The Compass and Square for Women Only (1916)

A collection of rare and curious tracts on witchcraft and the second sight; with an original essay on witchcraft (1820)

A confirmation and discovery of witchcraft (1973)
 by John Stearne

A Manual of Cartomancy And Occult Divination (1909)
 by Grand Orient

A Manual of Cheirosophy (1885)
 by Edward Heron-Allen

A Manual of Occultism (1914)
 by Sepharial

A new and complete illustration of the celestial science of astrology or, The art of foretelling future events (1826)
 by Ebenezer Sibly
Astrological Birth Chart for the United States of America Cast By Ebenezer Sibly

A Record of Psychic Experiences (1922) by G. F. Goener

A short history of the Salem village witchcraft trials illustrated by a verbatim report of the trial of Mrs. Elizabeth Howe (1911)

A suggestive inquiry into the Hermetic mystery with a dissertation on the more celebrated of the alchemical philosophers (1918) by Mary Anne Atwood
Mary Anne Atwood final words at her death 1910, "I cannot find my centre of gravity."

A suggestive inquiry into the hermetic mystery with a dissertation on the more celebrated of the alchemical philosophers (1850)

A system of magic or a History of the Black Art (1840)

Advanced course in Yogi philosophy and oriental occultism (1905) by Yogi Ramacharaka (William Walker Atkinson)

"A catalogue raisonné of works on the occult sciences"

Allusions to witchcraft and other primitive beliefs in the Zoroastrian literature (1911) by Leo Joachim Frachtenberg

An encyclopaedia of occultism (1920) by Lewis Spence
The History of Atlantis by Lewis Spence

An historical, physiological and theological treatise of spirits, apparitions, witchcrafts (1705) by John Beaumont A notable scientist who saw spirits

An history of magic, witchcraft, and animal magnetism, Volume 1 (1851) by John Campbell Colquhoun

Ancient pagan and modern Christian symbolism (1922) by Thomas Inman

Annals of witchcraft in New England and elsewhere in the United States, from their first settlement (1869) by Samuel Gardner Drake

Architecture, mysticism and myth (1892) by William Lethaby

Ars Notoria - The Notory Art of Solomon by Robert Turner

Astrology, Its Technics And Ethics (1917) by C. AQ. Libra

Babylonian Magic And Sorcery (1896) by Leonard W. King

Book of knowledge - psychic facts (1911) by N Beighle

Cagliostro - The splendour and misery of a master of magic (1910) by W. R. H. Trowbridge (William Rutherford Hayes)

Card Fortune Telling; a lucid treatise dealing with all the popular and more abstruse methods Card Fortune Telling; a lucid treatise dealing with all the popular and more abstruse methods by C. Platt (1920) by C. Platt (1920)

Cheiro's language of the hand complete practical work on the sciences and experience of Cheiro by L. Hamon (1900)
Clairvoyance, by C.W Leadbeater, (1899)

Clairvoyance (1897) by Grumbine, J. C. F. (Jesse Charles Fremont), founder of the Order of the White Rose

Clothed with the sun - being the book of the illuminations of Anna (Bonus) Kingsford (1889)  by Anna (Bonus) Kingsford

Daimonologia, or, A treatise of spirits Wherein several places of scripture are expounded (1723)

Demonology and witchcraft - with especial reference to modern spiritualism, by Brown, Robert (1889)

The morning star; or, Symbols of Christ (1856)

The symbolism of colour (1921)

The Spirit World
by Florence Marryat

The new black magic and the truth about the ouija-board
by John Godfrey Raupert Published 1919

The next beyond by Anonymous Published 1921
(Automatic Writing)
"I found this to be similar to so many channeled books of today"

Oracle by Claude Fayette Bragdon and Eugenie Bragdon Published 1921

A Primer of Higher Space (the Fourth Dimension)
by Claude Fayette Bragdon Published 1913

Our Unseen Companions
by Sanchez Quixote Published 1896




Hereward Carrington
(17 October 1880 – 26 December 1958)
was a well-known British-born American investigator of psychic phenomena and author. His subjects included several of the most high-profile cases of apparent psychic ability of his times, and he wrote over 100 books on subjects including the paranormal and psychical research, conjuring and stage magic, and alternative medicine.
Internet Archive List Books By Hereward Carrington
My Few Selections:

The Coming Science
1908 by Hereward Carrington
2-UPPDF ~ Full Text
PREFACE: In presenting the following bode to the public, I wish to say, first of all, that I must not be understood as endorsing or even as accepting all the views and theories that are advanced, from time to time, throughout the book. I have offered these merely tentatively, and merely as possible explanations for fiu;ts that, on the strength of existing testimony, I have assumed to be established. Readers of my other more cautious books upon this and other subjects will see that I have not been unwary in approaching this question; and I do not wish to draw upon myself the charge of credulity merely because I have presented certain theories in this book that, from the standpoint of orthodox science, may appear somewhat ^ wild.^ Having absolved myself in this manner, I leave the reader to find in the text what- ever he can of interest or profit.

Psychical Phenomena and the War Published 1918
PDF ~ Full Text
PREFACE:"The present book is an attempt to study the psychological forces at work in the present world war; and for this purpose I have divided the book into two portions : Part I dealing with psychology proper, - applied to the minds of nations and of individuals; Part II to psychical or supernormal phenomena, - largely of a
spiritistic character, - which have been observed to occur at various times, and of which the present war furnishes many fresh examples. Thus Part I may be said to study the mind of the soldier up to the point where he is killed in action; while Part II continues our study of the same soldier after his death. We thus extend our inquiry into the realms of the vast Beyond, - and seek to bring back from that Unknown Land definite knowledge of those who sojourn there."
Your Psychic Powers And How To Develop Them Published 1920
Full Text ~ PDF ~ 2 UP
"The following book, "Your Psychic Powers: and How to Develop Them," was originally written for circulation  semi-privately among the members of a number of psychical and spiritualistic Societies in New York and
vicinity, and is, for that reason, decidedly positive and spiritistic in tone. It states facts dogmatically, and
does not attempt to defend the statements made by any show of argument."
PREFACE:"In the following pages I have dealt chiefly with the mental or psychological phenomena of psychical re-
search, and have not touched upon the ' ' physical ' ' manifestations to any extent. The book is mostly theoretical
and constructive in tone; and, because of its speculative character, it may, perhaps, prove of value to future
psychical investigators."
The Problems of Psychical Research;
experiments and theories in the realm of the supernormal 1921

PDF ~ Full Text

Etidorhpa Wikipedia


by Jean Lang, 1915

Click image for PDF
Comus (A Mask Presented at Ludlow Castle 1634) Wikipedia 
Comus is a masque in honor of chastity, written by John Milton
Archive.org 2 Up

Kether Muse Books Are Metaphysical Writings Of Nino Kether


Idaho Burners Alliance, Inc A 501(c)3 Non Profit


Lewis Wickes Hine
was an American sociologist and photographer. Hine used his camera as a tool for social reform.
His photographs were instrumental in changing the child labor laws in the United States.

Ethical Will
Legacy Letter ~ Legacy Letters Project
Ape and Alien
is the Greek god of festivity, revels and nocturnal dalliances
depicted as a young man on the point of unconsciousness from drink
Comus also represents anarchy and chaos

Lawyer arrested when she remained silent during traffic stop by New Jersey troopers


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