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Rituals and Tools

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Occult - MagickPaganismShamanismChannelingNew Age - Spiritualism/Paranormal

The Essential Skills of Magick by Benjamin Rowe
Does Magick Work? by Silverwolf
  Posted: January 17th 2010 @ The Witches Voice

Shamanic Sacred Tools, Ritual Objects and Terms

Use Your

For magic and mirror and related pages images from Occultopedia
Image: Svetlana at fortune-telling by K.Brullov (1836, Nizhniy Novgorod museum)

Evoke & Invoke

Bornless Ritual

The Key of Solomon the King Clavicula Salomonis Translated and edited by S. L. MacGregor Mathers

A Beginner's Guide to Sigil Craft
Google Sigil Magick Images
Magick and Art: Sacred Techniques for a Sacred Quest (Intro To A Past Webinar)
Definitions Of Magick @ Sacred Magick
What Is Magick? Spiral Nature

Sigillum Dei

Theurgy & Magic


Correspondences for Magical Workings, Spells and Rituals

Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers 

Liminal Deity

Human Sacrifice

(Shameless Kiss)
Osculum Infame
Pact Ink

The Seven Forbidden Arts (Artes Magicae)
prohibited by canon law, as expounded by Johannes Hartlieb in 1456
in Renaissance Magic
Necromancy, Geomancy, Aeromancy, Pyromancy, ChiromancyScapulimancy and Hydromancy

Obsidian Servant
Suggested Tools For A Death Witch:
Graveyard Dirt ~ Salt ~ Black Salt ~ Wormwood ~ Obsidian  ~ Hematite ~ Smoky Quartz ~ Athame ~ Pendulum ~ Spirit Board ~ Tarot Cards ~ Bones (obtained ethically) ~ Blood (your own)

HerbMagic Alphabetical List of Magic Herbs

Snake Handlers from Burma are said to Tattoo themselves with snake venom as a form of Mithridatism
Tattoos For Protection

The Demoniacal: Graveyard Dirt ~ Graveyard Dirt Lucky Mojo
Graveyard Dirt - Spirited Enterprise ~ A Graveyard Dirt Primer - Dutchie

Pins and needles are commonly associated with Poppet Magick
Hawthorn thorns sometimes called Witches Needles can be used for this
Hawthorn Lore
Many believe Jesus's crown of thorns was made from hawthorn.
Oak and Ash and Hawthorn forms the “fairy triad” that is especially inviting to Fairies.

Numbers - their occult power and mystic virtue (1890 by W. Wynn Westcott

The Star Ruby

Ritual Purification

Sun Dance and Ghost Dance

Sweating as a spiritual practice
Sweat Lodge
Sweat Lodge Entry At Crystalinks Mentions Other Non-Indian Examples

I Ching Wikipedia
List of hexagrams of the I Ching
I Ching Book Of Changes Text



Ceremonial Pole
is the practice from ancient Roman religion of
interpreting omens from the observed flight of birds
is a "rite by which ghosts were called up and questioned about the future,"
a trip to the underworld
Also In modern psychology, the term katabasis is sometimes used
to describe the depression some young men experience.
Author Robert Bly proposes in his book Iron John: A Book About Men several reasons for the "catabasis phenomenon",
amongst them the lack of Western initiation rites and the lack of strong father figures and role models.
The Asphodel Meadows
is a section of the Ancient Greek underworld
where ordinary souls were sent to live after death.
Adder Stone ~ Hag Stone Lore
"I have also heard it said that if one looks through the actual hole of a hex stone
then it is possible to see the pixies which normally are invisible to the human eye"*

Occult Prayer Images

Witch’s Magic and Plant and Herb Magic from Witches Lore.com
A Witch and Her Poisons: A Look at the Toxic Herbs Used by Witches in Past Centuries
Doctrine Of Signatures
was an important aspect of folk medicine from the Middle Ages until the early modern period.
Often associated with the work of herbalists and wise women (cunning folk), it drew upon the belief that natural objects that looked like a part of the body could cure diseases that would arise there.
Jakob Boehme
was a German Christian Mystic and Theologian.
The Signature of All Things (1621)
Jacob Boehme's Aurora
caused a great scandal.
Tacuinum Sanitatis
Pictures with descriptions from Tacuinum Sanitatis
Poison Plants of Witchcraft
Belladonna, Mandrake, and Datura
The History and Uses of the Magical Mandrake, According to Modern Witches
The Classic Witches Weeds
Datura The Witches Weed Video

Ceremonial Pipe ~ ChanunpaChillumHookah ~ Bong
Quick Reference Guide to Native American and Other Ceremonial Herbs & Resins
The Best Natural Smoking Herbs
Sacred & Blessing Herbs & Smudging
smoke in mythology google search
smoke in religion ceremony google search
Pinterest Smoke And Religion
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

In folklore familiar spirits ("familiars") are supernatural entities that
assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic

is the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to non-human entities

Using Dirt/Soil in Magic Spells
Using Graveyard Dirt in Pagan Magic and Rituals
The Dead and the Graveyard
Goofer Dust

Meeting The Tobacco Spirit
Ritual Smoking & Magic
Ceremonial Use of Tobacco (Indians)
Caney Circle Sacred Tobacco
Pipe Ceremony
The Sacred Art of Ritual of Smudging
Smudging - Crystalinks
Native American Smudging Ceremony
Religious Use of Incense
The ceremony pre-dates Buddhism in Tibet.
Before Buddhism, it was a shamanic ritual for establishing and restoring one's relationship with the spirit-world
and a means for cleansing impurity and pollution, both spiritual and physical
Medicinal Smoke
Crystalinks Candle Magic ~ Pagan Library Candle Magic ~ Lucky Mojo Candle Magic

Culture and Menstruation
Magic Spells with Menstrual Blood, Semen, and Urine
is the practice from ancient Roman religion of
interpreting omens from the observed flight of birds
is a "rite by which ghosts were called up and questioned about the future,"
a trip to the underworld
Also In modern psychology, the term katabasis is sometimes used
to describe the depression some young men experience.
Author Robert Bly proposes in his book Iron John: A Book About Men several reasons for the "catabasis phenomenon",
amongst them the lack of Western initiation rites and the lack of strong father figures and role models.


Magick Wand
Magical Symbols for the elements
Magical tools for the elements
High Magick Ritual Tools Magical Symbols for the elements
Circle Magick
Casting a Magick Circle
Ceremonial Magicians Alter >> Images
Tree of Life From Thelemapedia
Path Working
The Vibratory Formula and its Use in Daily Ritual Work
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram #1 ~ #2 ~ #3 ~ #4
The Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram #1 ~ #2 ~ #3 ~ #4
Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram #1 ~ #2 ~ #3
The Rose Cross Ritual #1 ~ #2 ~ #3
The Middle Pillar #1 ~ #2 ~ #3
The Circulation of the Body of Light #1 ~ #2
The Opening and Closing of the Watchtowers  #1 ~ #2 ~ #3
The Rending of the Veil  investigate images
Adorations of the Sun (Liber Resh) #1 ~ #2
** astral Gateway **
Altar and Ritual Framework for Manifestation
Writings of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535)
Some Rituals
Chaos Magick Rituals, Workings, Spells, and Techniques
The Book of Chaos Spells
dmoz Chaos
Chaos Magic Practice @ Icarus Project
Understanding the Four Elements by Simon Jester copyright 2008
The Philosophy of Natural Magic by Henry Coerneius Agrippa
Religious Use of Incense

The Lotus Wand from the book Golden Dawn compiled by Israel Regardie
Akshaya Patra
Cup of Jamshid
are eight trigrams used in daoist cosmology
to represent the fundamental principles of reality
Yin and Yang
refers to the principles of pluralism and multiplicity of viewpoints, or vantage points, the notion that reality is perceived differently from diverse points of view, and that no single point of view is the complete truth, yet taken together they comprise the complete truth
Hieros Gamos
refers to a sexual ritual that plays out a marriage between a god and a goddess, especially when enacted in a symbolic ritual where human participants represent the deities.
Great Rite Wicca

Hag Stones ~ Adder Stone ~ Toadstone


The History of Mirrors and Mirror Facts
Fauna of Mirrors
Catoptromancy/Enoptromancy and Mirror Scrying @ Crystalinks
Catoptromancy Wikipedia
The History of Psychomanteum
The Trigger of Psychomanteum: Dr. Raymond Moody's Research
John Dee's Skrying Mirror > Images
Tezcatlipoca "Smoking Mirror"
Mirrors of Mexico
Mirror Gazing
Mirror Gazing (Scrying) @ Controverscial.Com
Scrying @ The Mystica
Scrying Wikipedia
Necromanteion:Oracle of the Dead
Water Scrying
A Seeker's Thoughts: The Mirror - Symbol Of Reflection
A Time for Reflection: The Meaning of Mirrors in Folklore and Superstition
Cover Mirrors at Death Mythology
Some Mirror Superstitions
Medusa and Perseus beheading of Medusa
Aphrodite and Mirrors
Magic and Mythof Mirrors Bisclose.TV
Mirrors in Art
How Glass Mirrors Changed Art
Essay: The Mirror – Reflections
Mirrors in Art Images

 Sambian Purification
Vision Quest - Crystalinks ~ Vision Quest Wikipedia

Black Mass
Witches' Sabbath
Wheel of the Year
Wikipedia Portal:Occult

Tetractys Poetry
(double Tetractys repeat ten syllable line and go in reverse)

Crystal Gazing
Psychomanteum mirror room spirits
Oomancy ~ Oomancey Venus Glass Video
Witches Ladder
Sami Rune Drums
Ceremonial Drum - Wikipedia ~ Google Search Page
Ritual Drumming Google
Shaman Drums Images ~ Ceremonial Drums Images
Shaman Drums A Pinterist Board

Number of the Beast ~ 666 (Thelema)
Gematria ~ Isopsephy
Paternoster ~ Sator Square  ~ Use in Magick
The Abrahadabra Institute
93 (Thelema) ~ 666 ~ 418
Using Salt As A Magical Substance (Sacred Text Archive) from Folklore of Common Salt from The Magic of the Horse-Shoe With Other Folk-Lore Notes by Robert Means Lawrence (1898)
Salt in Magic Spells - Lucky Mojo
The Demoniacal: Black Salt
Black Salt ~ Magical Recipes Online
Halomancy:divination using salt
Magical Properties of Salt - Protection, Purification, Healing
The Magic of Salt ~ Ancient Road
Another View: Why You Shouldn’t Use Salt In Magic
“Ashiih Estsan, “Salt Woman”, is the Navajo Salt Goddess.
Goddess of Salt Tale
Huixtocihuatl is the Aztec Goddess of salt and salt water.

Occult 101Book of Shadows, Occult Archive & Spells / Rituals Page
Vampire Church:A Study of Life Force Energy
Gem Encyclopedia
 from the Gemological Institute of America
Gemstones A-Z
Iron In Folklore
Occult 100
Snazzdragon's Crystal Pages
The Magic of Crystals and Gemstones
EarthLight Minerals and Gifts Boise
Energy Medicine Wikipedia
Crystal Healing Wikipedia
Crystal Therapy About Religion
Introduction to Crystal Healing and Crystal Healing Layouts

Urim and Thummim Wikipedia ~ Urim and Thummim Jewish Encyclopedia
Healing and Energy Index Crystalinks (New Age-Alternative)
Laying On Of Hands

Solar Deity - Wikipedia
Sun Worship ~ Religion Britannica
Rituals & Beliefs for the Egyptian Sun God
Circle Craft: Sunrise Rituals - Circle Sanctuary
History of Sun Worship Across Cultures - Paganism/Wicca
Litha ~ Winter SolsticeYule
Stonehenge in Winter
Sun Dance
Everything You Need to Know About the Winter Solstice

Blood Ritual Wikipedia
Magic Spells with Menstrual Blood, Semen, and Urine
Blood Sacrifice - Spells and Magic

1912 by Rudolf Steiner

Demonic Possession
Deal with the Devil

Johann Georg Faust was an itinerant alchemist, astrologer, and magician whose life became the nucleus of the popular tale of Doctor Faust

Robert Johnson and the Devil

Maud Gonne
in 1886 when one evening she quietly made a pact with the Devil.
She agreed that in return for the ability to control her own life, the Devil could have her soul.
Prayer is Magic, and Prayers are Spells Published by Vexen Crabtree 2016
The symbolism of colour (1921)

Magnum Opus
Prima Materia
Philosopher's Stone
Nigredo ~ AlbedoRubedo ~ Citrinitas
Alchemical Catechism
The Alchemy of the Rosicrucians
The Secret Teachings Of All Ages by Manly P. Hall 1928 > The Theory and Practice of Alchemy
Grógaldr ~ Images
Hex Signs ~ Images
Galdrastafir Icelandic Magical Staves
“ the deliberate courting of synchronicity “kairomancy”: the practice of divination (manteia/mancy) by special moments (kairos). In a manner of speaking, it is like seeing the events we encounter through life as relevant dream symbols or tarot cards...”
Robert Moss Wikipedia
Sidewalk Oracles by Robert Moss (Web) ~ Blog
A Glimpse into the 12 Rules of Kairomancy

(in Buddhism) are spiritual, paranormal, supernatural, or otherwise magical powers, abilities, and attainments that are the products of spiritual advancement through sadhanas such as meditation and yoga.


Psychology Today An Opinion: The Folly of Dream Interpretation
** Dream interpretation - Wikipedia **
Myths-Dreams-Symbols-Dream Dictionary ~  Dream Dictionary at The Curious DreamerDream Moods A-Z Dream DictionaryDreamsCloud Dream Dictionary A-Z, Symbols, Definitions & MeaningsDream Dictionary.OrgDream Interpretation Dream Meaning.OrgDream Dictionary: The Meaning of Dreams - Petrix.comAisling A-Z Dream Dictionary of Symbols ~  Dream Dictionary.OrgDream Dictionary - 1,000s of Free Dream Interpretations ~ Aunty Flo Dream Dictionary ~ Tony Crisp Dream Dictionary
Animals in Dreams and Their Meanings from What's Your Sign.Com


I once was but am not now a believer of Astrology.
But so many are and consider it a fundamental tool
I figure I should give some space to the subject.

At some point I may have a stand alone page on it

Throughout most of its history astrology was considered a scholarly tradition and was common in academic circles, often in close relation with astronomy, alchemy, meteorology, and medicine.

Google Images for Astrology
By visiting here you can find an amazing plethora of links
is the study of how people in the past "have understood the phenomena in the sky, how they used these phenomena and what role the sky played in their cultures.
Another motive for studying the sky is to understand and explain the universe. In these cultures myth was a tool for achieving this and the explanations, while not reflecting the standards of modern science, are cosmologies.
Australian Aboriginal Astronomy
Pleiades In Folklore And Literature
The high visibility of the star cluster Pleiades in the night sky has guaranteed it a special place in many cultures, both ancient and modern.
Rob Brezsmy's Free Will Astrology
Links To Astrology, Numerology, Occult & Related Sites
Astrology Sites 
List #1 ~ #2
Planets In Astrology
Chiron ~ 2060 Chiron Wikipedia
Sunday ~ MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday ~ Saturday
Pleiades and UFOs
All India Institute of Occult Science: Astrology