Without order nothing can exist. Without Chaos nothing can evolve.

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Nephthys ~ Chhaya

Wikipedia List of Night Deities

This Page And Its Sub-Navs Are Of A More Personal Focus On Things I Do And Like


 fusion anomaly is one of my all time favorite websites. I model this site on some of it's design. Unfortunately, it may not be with us much longer. I, like others, have attempted to contact the administrator on many occasions with no luck. The above image used to be the main entrance but no longer. You can go there but it is a brick wall. But there are back door ways to get there. The longer I stay there the deeper it seems to go. Grab a snack, you might be in there there a while. Enjoy.

fusionanomaly article ~ fusionanomaly article blog?? ~ Chaos
???Fusion Anomaly???
fUSION Anomaly: The Secret, Ancient, Bizarro World Wikipedia

International Blasphemy Day Is On My Birthday
Google Images KetherMuse.Com and Mixed Bag Enterprises

Marie Corelli Is One Of My Favorite Authors. I Collect Her Books
Marie Corelli and Her Occult Tales
Marie Corelli, 1855-1924
The Soul of Lilith concluded the "Heliobas trilogy" that began with A Romance of Two Worlds and Ardath
A Romance of Two Worlds, by Marie Corelli Project GutenburgOn Google Books ~ The Soul of Lilith by Marie Corelli Full Teat Internet Archive ~ Ardath: The Story of a Dead Self by Marie Corelli
Have wanted to turn Vendetta into a play for a long time.
Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli

Ambient Music
Dark Ambient

I Love The Roaring Twenties
Pinterest 1920s
Wikipedia Portal:1920s

Some Artists I Love
Aubrey Beardsley >> Images
Albert Joseph Moore ~ Images
Julia Margaret Cameron > Images
Maxfield Parrish

John William Waterhouse
R. A. Fox
John William Godward
F.R. Harper
William Bouguereau
Alphonse Maria Mucha
John Collier
Gustav Klimt
Herbert James Draper
Edward Robert Hughes >> Images
Marta Orlowska
Rolf Armstrong ~ Images
I really love this artist:
Colette Saint Yves (art) >> Site #2 >> Google Images
Giuseppe Arlotta has some great Pinterest Boards I really like
Mystical Mayhem's Aubrey Beardsley Pinterst Page

Some Local News Sites For My City Boise Idaho


I Love Sci-Fi and Horror. May make a page just for this at some point
Jules Verne ~ The Literature Network
Wikipedia Robert Louis Stevenson ~ Robert Louis Stevenson Resource
Mysterious Island (1961 film) 1:25:04


Wikipedia List of Science Fiction Films
List of Science Fiction Novels
Wikipedia List of Horror Films
Wikipedia List of Horror Novels

A few sites I like from Facebook (with website links) which may be found on other pages throughout the site

Boise Holistic and Metaphysical Coop 1615 N. 13th Street Boise, ID
Bella’s Grove
"Inspire Healing Arts Studio” and The “Tri-Council Academy for the Magickal Arts”
2210 S. Broadway Ave. suite B. Boise Idaho 83706 ~ 208-570-4247
Erin Brockovich Facebook
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert YouTube
Peaceful Warrior
Zinn Education Project
Veterans For Peace
Campaign Nonviolence
Interfaith Alliance of Idaho
Think Boise First
The Community For Creative Non-Violence (CCNV)
Refugees Welcome in Idaho
Small Village Foundation Website ~ Facebook
March Against Monsanto
Aboriginal and Tribal Nation News Facebook

The Historic Egyptian Theatre in Boise, Idaho Facebook ~ Webite
The Open Mind Facebook ~ The Open Mind
The Mind Unleashed Facebook ~ The Mind Unleashed
Prison Mindfulness Institute
Peaceful Streets Project
On Guerrilla Gardening
Seed Freedom
New Approach Idaho
Electronic Intifada
Collective Evolution
Spirit Science
I fucking love science
Deep Green Resistance
Brain Pickings
Ascension: Soulstice Rising
Drug Policy Alliance
Prisology Facebook 
Peaceful Streets Project Facebook 
Seed Freedom Facebook 
On Guerrilla Gardening
Anti-Media Facebook 
New Approach Idaho Facebook 
Electronic Intifada Facebook 
Collective Evolution Facebook 
Spirit Science Facebook 
I fucking love science Facebook 
Deep Green Resistance Facebook ~ Deep Green Resistance Eugene
OnEarth Facebook
Brain Pickings Facebook
Ascension: Soulstice Rising Facebook
Drug Policy Alliance Facebook
Mythaphi Faceboo
Prison Mindfulness Institute Facebook
Peaceful Warrior Facebook ~ Web
Space.com Facebook ~ Web
Law of Attraction
NPR Facebook ~ Web
Boise State Public Radio
Elephant Journal Facebook ~ Web
Death Cafe Facebook ~ Web
Spirit Science Facebook ~ Web
Rebelle Society Facebook ~ Web
Filming Cops
Idaho Statesman Facebook
Boise Weekly Facebook ~ Boise Weekly Web
Fractal Enlightenment Facebook ~ Web
Full Frontal with Samantha Bee YouTube
Go Free Download
LastWeekTonight - YouTube
Rachel Maddow YouTube

Juan Nel Pinterest
Redacted Tonight - YouTube
Empire Files YouTube
RT YouTube

Some Sites I Like To Play On

 Loveage Moondream

 Synesthesia Garden

 Sexy Witch 

One Day I May Make A Music Page

Jackson Browne and Leonard Cohen
are my favorite songwriters
One Of My All Time Favorite Albums

The title song for this album (For Everyman) was the theme song of the folks I hung with in the years post High School. Many of my friends did move to the mountains and away from main stream society. Many are still there. I chose to stay within the mix of modern society (the city) with all it's flaws and committed myself to

Jackson Browne-Saturate Before Using [Full Album] 1972
Jackson Browne-Late For The Sky Full Album
Jackson Browne -The Pretender [Full Album] 1976
Jackson Browne - Running on Empty (Full Album)

Leonard Cohen Essentials
Classic Rock from the '60's and '70's
Classic Rock Music Education: 500 of the Greatest Songs
Jerry Garcia Band - Cats under the stars (full album)

Old & In The Way - Old & In The Way (Album, Released February, 1975 Recorded -October, 1973)
Graham Nash - Songs For Beginners
James Taylor - Sweet Baby James (1970) (Full Album)
Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (Full Album)
Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well (Part 1 & 2)
Uranium Fever: Elton Britt, 1955
Leonard Nimoy - Mr. Spock Presents: Music From Outer Space (1967) (Full Album)
Leonard Nimoy: A Visit to a Sad Planet last song from the 1967 album "Mr. Spocks Music From Outer Space"
I saw these guys in the early 70's. The show got stopped because the drummer kicked his cymbal and it flew into the crowd and hit a chick.
Blue Cheer credited as being some of the earliest pioneers of heavy metal, with their cover of "Summertime Blues" sometimes cited as the first in the genre. They have also been noted as influential in the development of genres as disparate as punk rock, stoner rock,doom metal,experimental rock,and grunge.
" Blue Cheer were louder than God." - Julian Cope and Head Heritage
John Mayall - Nature s disappearing-1970
I'd Love To Change The World - Ten Years After
Buffalo Springfield - For what it's worth
Don't Stay In School

3 HOURS Ambient Chillout Mix ~ 3 HOURS of Best Deep House Mix 2016 ~ 3 HOURS Deep House Chill Out Lounge Music ~ Ephemeral Mists ~ Supernova [Progressive Psytrance Mix ~ Shulman Mix ~ Entheogenic Awakening Psybient Downtempo Deep Trance MixVariety Mixes ~ Zero Cult Mix ~ Ghost Rider Mix ~ 1200 Micrograms Mix ~ *
Shamanic Music Native American Indians Spiritual Shaman Music ~ 6 Hour Shamanic Tibetan Meditation: Calming Music, Soothing Music, Deep Meditation Music ~ 6 Hour Shamanic Meditation Music: Tibetan Chakra Cleanse, Positive Meditation Music

Heilung LIFA - Full Show
FORNDOM - Dauðra Dura (Official 2016 - Full album)
Lustre ~ Mix
Chaostar ~ Mix
Pop-up Retail
Name: Passion Pop Up
Social Currency
Increasing the Value of Your Social Currency





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