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Having been self employed for over 35 years I have leaned a few things. One is that small business (and I mean companies or organizations with less than 10 people) have a struggle getting the word out that they exist. One of the reasons being the high cost of advertising. So over the years I have accomplished this quite well on my own without the need to contract high cost “professionals” to work their magic. For instance I have found that in general for many events or information the cost of flashy fliers and posters do not necessarily make the difference in reaching your intended audience. Especially in regard to handouts, which are ephemera, and often land in the garbage as soon as they are read and digested. In this case the method of their delivery is the most important aspect.

And with the tools of Twitter, Facebook and other social media options even a novice can reach a surprisingly large community interested in your endeavors. There are methods to increase the power of these tools that one can learn over time. Time is a key word here. Many entrepreneurs have little time for or desire to engage in such things as they are busy doing what they love and focusing on their creative efforts.

So to help in these matters Mixed Bag Enterprises offers cost saving ideas and solutions to these needs to people within my local area, Boise Idaho. Inexpensive handouts, fliers and business cards as well as Twitter and Facebook content posting and other Guerrilla marketing options. So if you are seeking just some advise or actual assistance with your outreach, connect and we will explore options.

Another offering I extend is advice in regard to carpentry/remodeling. These days my body does not comply with the rigors of the trades but my brain still functions pretty well. So for free or a small donation type fee I can offer advice on such things and also perhaps connect you with good reliable craftpersons who could assist you in these matters, as I have been in the trades here for over 35 years and have many contacts.

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