Without order nothing can exist. Without Chaos nothing can evolve.

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Dystopian Survivalist

Political upheaval, environmental degradation, social unrest, natural disasters, the Apocalypse
or just wanting to live a simpler life away from it all.

Much going on and much fear out there in the world.
This page is a humble attempt to give you some options to survive a possible life altering change
in the world where resources are no longer easily obtained.

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Voluntary Society

Was thinking about making a bugout bag.
Better buy plastic stuff that will survive the end of the world. - #Ketherism

Primitive_Technology Google
Simple Living
DIY Ethic
Back-to-the-land Movement
Colorado County Criminalizes Self-Reliance: Off-Grid Living Punished Like a Crime December 2015
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Off Grid Living: A Beginner’s Guide



Post-industrial Society
"post-industrial society has serviced the creative culture."
Urban Decay
Ghost Town
Future Shock Documentary (1972)
The Third Wave
 "Society needs people who take care of the elderly and who know how to be compassionate and honest. Society needs people who work in hospitals. Society needs all kinds of skills that are not just cognitive; they're emotional, they're affectional. You can't run the society on data and computers alone."
Alvin Toffler
Global Village
Network Society

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Dystopian Underworld
Anti-globalization movement
Radical environmentalism
Deep Ecology