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Memento Mori
Carpe Diem
Siduri attempts to dissuade Gilgamesh in his quest for Immortality

Death Basic:Death is the termination of all biological functions that sustain a living organism.

"The very dust we tread upon was once alive"
Lord Byron

William Ernest Hocking
"The only animal that contemplates death
and also the only animal that shows any sign of doubt of its finality."

Paramahansa Yogananda on Death
Alan Watts - What happens after Death (Video Lecture 10:24)
Eros & Thanatos
Thanatos and Eros:The yin and yang of Freudian theory Joseph Brown Metropolitan State University of Denver
Death Drive
Life and Death Instincts
Cupio Dissolvi
“He who doesn’t fear death only dies once.” ~ Giovanni Falcone
"Pulvis et umbra sumus": we are dust and shadow
The Trigger of Psychomanteum: Dr. Raymond Moody's Research
Dr. Raymond Moody Institute
Near Death.Com
The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker
"The basic premise of The Denial of Death is that human civilization is ultimately an elaborate, symbolic defense mechanism against the knowledge of our mortality, which in turn acts as the emotional and intellectual response to our basic survival mechanism."
The Myth of  Phyche and Eros

The deity's Spanish name, Santa Muerte, can be translated into English as either "Sacred Death" or "Holy Death"

Afterlife Places

Corpse Candle
Second Sight
Hand of Glory
Wild Hunt

Wandering Jew
Global Nomand
Hob Gadling
Immortality In Fiction
Suspended Animation
Seven Sleepers
Underground City
Buddhas of Bamiyan

Deathbed Conversion

Tear Bottles

Flight From Death Wikipedia Entry
Click Image for Full Video

Dying Matters.org

Taboo On The Dead
Death in Culture

List of Death Deities
Aspects of Death
Death Personification
Second Death

Veneration Of The Dead "Ancestor Worship"

A Shamanic Approach to Death & Dying * Death as an Ally - How Shamans Perceive Death

Aghori are ascetic Shaiva sadhus known to engage in post-mortem rituals, sometimes involving cannibalism or necrophilia. They often dwell in charnel grounds, have been witnessed smearing cremation ashes on their bodies, and have been known to use bones from human corpses for crafting kapalas

Obsidian Servant
Suggested Tools For A Death Witch:
Graveyard Dirt ~ Salt ~ Black Salt ~ Wormwood ~ Obsidian  ~ Hematite ~ Smoky Quartz ~ Athame ~ Pendulum ~ Spirit Board ~ Tarot Cards ~ Bones (obtained ethically) ~ Blood (your own)


Psychopomp Wiki
Psychopomps Org
Psychopomp Magazine
Being a Psychopomp
Aldys The OP Healer
Psychopomp Community Facebook
The Rise of the Death Doula (article)
* A Few Psychopomps of Ancient and Modern Mythology *
Dakini (Sky Dancers)
Grim Reaper
In Njál's Saga the Valkyrie
are said to be weaving a loom made of dead men:
On Good Friday that event happened in Caithness that a man whose name was Daurrud went out. He saw folk riding twelve together to a bower, and there they were all lost to his sight. He went to that bower and looked in through a window slit that was in it, and saw that there were women inside, and they had set up a loom. Men's heads were the weights, but men's entrails were the warp and wed, a sword was the shuttle, and the reels were arrows.
Aztec "Lady of the Dead")
Azrael he Archangel of Death in Islam, Hebrew lore, as well as Sikhism
Bean-nighe and Bean Sídhe
Old Wive's Tale: Harbingers of Death
More Harbingers of Death

Aging and Death in Folklore

Native American Death and Dying

in Aztec mythology, was a god of the dead

Burial Point Image
Old Burial Point Cemetery
where the “witches” hanged during the Salem Witch Trials are buried.

The Morbid Anatomy Museum
Death Salon
Strange Remains

Death Penalty In a Nutshell: The Debate
Descriptions of Execution Methods Death Penalty U.S.A. 
10 Most Brutal Execution Methods of Ancient Civilization
National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
Death Penalty Information Center

Darwin Awards Wikipedia Entry

Body Snatching - "Resurrection-Men"

Taphonomy: What Happens To Bones After Burial?

The Chick and the Dead
Dying Matters.Org
Mütter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Digital Legacy Association.Org

The History of Beheading and Decapitation
In King Phillips War, sometimes called the First Indian War, New England settlers killed an Indian leader named Metacomet. His corpse was beheaded, then drawn and quartered. His head was displayed in Plymouth for twenty years. The war chief of the Pocasset people was an old man at the time, and a chief captain of Metacomet. The capture of Anawan marked the final event in King Philip's War as Anawan was also beheaded.

Sheela na gig ~ Hunky Punk ~ Gargoyle
Church Grim
Foo Fighter
Fairy Path-Pixie Led
Corpse Road
Ashes and Water
Quotes about death
Quotes Think Exist.com
Hoyt’s New Cyclopedia of Practical Quotations. 1922 "Death"
Sleep resembles death: “O sleepers! what a thing is slumber! Sleep resembles death. Ah, why then dost thou not work in such wise as that after death thou mayst retain a resemblance to perfect life, when, during life, thou art in sleep so like to the hapless dead?”
Leonardo da Vinci

The Death Clock
Carpe diem
YOLO (You Only Live Once)
50 Quotes to Help You Live Like You Were Dying
Soul Mate Twin Flames
30 Famous Writers On Death
Henry Scott Holland
Mortality salience - Wikipedia
Terror Management Theory Wikipedia
Terror Management Theory - Viewzone (What is Beaty?)
Two Decades of Terror Management Theory: A Meta-Analysis of Mortality Salience Research
The Psychology of Death:Facing up to our own mortality by Steve Taylor Ph.D
SparkNotes: White Noise: Themes, Motifs & Symbols ~ White Noise by Don DeLillo
Mortality Salience ~ Nature is Dying - Ketherism ~

by Novalis
The hymns record the poet’s struggle to overcome his grief at the death of his young fiancée
Sophie von Kühn.
Seven months after the publication of Hymns to the Night, Novalis died of tuberculosis
the same disease that had claimed Sophie.
Audio Reading On YouTube

is a Sanskrit word meaning "death" or any personification thereof.
Marzanna (Slavic goddess of death and winter)

Islamic View of Cremation

Horror and Terror

The Reaper And The Flowers
Do Not Stand By My Grave And Weep
Death Is Nothing At All
The Little White Hearse
A Happy Man
Because I Could Not Stop For Death
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
O Captain! My Captain!
Sonnet 66
The Cross of Snow
On Another's Sorrow
And you as well must die, belovèd dust
Nothing But Death
Crossing the Bar
Death Be Not Proud
But Not Forgotten
List of Expressions Related to Death ~ Vocabulary-Death
Life-death-rebirth deities
Manes are Chthonic Deities
sometimes thought to represent souls of deceased loved ones.

~ Near Death ~
Raymond Moody
Dr. P.M.H. Atwater ~ Popular P. M. H. Atwater VideosDr. P.M.H. Atwater on A Fireside Chat - Children of The Fifth World - November 10th, 2012 ~ Wikipedia Entry
Polishing The Mirror - Finding a Way to be With Death Ram Dass
Life After Life ~ Raymond Moody Wikipediathe Raymond Moody Institute: The Near Death ExperienceDr. Raymond Moody's Near-Death Experience ResearchNear Death.ComLife After Life - Raymond Moody Video ~
Val Plumwood "Being Prey" Near Death Experience

El Dia de los Muertos
as above so below

 "The only significant difference between the process of sleeping, dreaming, and waking and the process of death..."
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (Buddhist)

Henry IV Part 2: Act 3, Scene 1
Thousands of even my poorest subjects are sleeping right now. Oh sleep! Oh sweet sleep, nature’s gentle healer, what have I done to frighten you?  
Death Cafe
Death and Dying Euphemisms

Thanatos and Eros:The yin and yang of Freudian theory Joseph Brown Metropolitan State University of Denver **
Whitehead and Freud's Theory of Eros (Love) & Thanatos (Death)

Facing the Fear of Death and Really Living Now - Tiny Buddha

Some scholars regard the mythological Black Sun as the ancient female origin of all, it is both tomb and womb.
Webseries “Ask a Mortician” Videos

Disaster Tourism
8 Disaster Tourism Sites

Philip Nitschke PhD.
"I believe it is a fundamental human right for every adult of sound mind, to be able to plan for the end of their life in a way that is reliable, peaceful & at a time of their choosing."

Philip Nitschke
The Sarco

Death with Dignity National Center
Oregon Death with Dignity Act

Jacob "Jack" Kevorkian
Voluntary Euthanasia ~ Involuntary Euthanasia

Euthanasia Pro-Con

State-Assisted Suicide ~ Suicide By Cop
owl's talons clenching my heart."

Capital Punishment

Suicidal ideation

The Will To Live Foundation
dedicated to preventing teen suicide

*Burial Rituals*
Enrico Butti

Young Isabella Airoldi died.
You can see her here in the cemetery still sleeping and dreaming of death.
Angels come to the Earth from the sky to take her to Paradise.

Sati is an archaic Indian funeral custom where a widow immolated herself on her husband's pyre
The Clash of Civilizations Samuel P. Huntington 1992 lecture at the American Enterprise Institute
Mortician ~ CoronerBurialEmbalmingCremation ~ Mummification
Crime Scene Cleanup
** The Book of the Dead The Papyrus of Ani by E. A. Wallis Budge (1895)
** Thanatos: Post-mortem & Mourning Photography **
** "Blessed is He who Has Brought Adam from Sheol" **
Funerary Cult
Prayer for the Dead
The Death Cults of Prehistoric Malta [Preview]
Some Modern Burial Rituals
The funniest tombstones EVER!!

Be a Diamond
Eternal Reefs
Space Burial
Modern Mummification
James Doohan (Scottie Star Trek) Ashes in Space
Hunter S Thompson Ashes Fired Into The Sky
Rapper Tupac Shakur's Friends Smoked His Ashes
Jimmy Dean Buried in $350,000 Piano Tomb

Ethical Wills Wikipedia ~ The Ethical Will, an Ancient Concept, Is Revamped for the Tech Age
Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives

Famous Graves Google Images
64 People and Their Famous Last Word
Wikipedia List of Last Words
Bucketlist » 10,000 things to do before you die Bucket List.Org
AARP: 10 Things You Should Know About Writing a Will

Morticians Describe the Most Gruesome Facts About Dead Bodies

** Future Study Words of Condolences **
Sympathy Quotes

Suicide and Euthenasia
Exit International
Ayahuasca and the Sunshine of Love
TeleologyKant's Aesthetics and Teleology ~ Paley’s Teleological Argument
Wikipedia Philosophy of Religion
The Trip Treatment
‘Acid Test’: The case for using psychedelics to treat PTSD, depression
Hospice and Hallucinogens Google
Euthanasia Wikipedia >> >> Pro-Con.Org >> Euthanasia.Com
Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization
Compassion & Choices (formally the Hemlock Society) ~ Hemlock Society of San Diego
Hospice Care ~ Hospice and Ayahuasca

Asphodel Meadows
Elysium - Wikipedia

Full text of  "The Book of Arda Viraf"

Painless Self-Euthanization-Helium

 Angel of Death
Death (personification)
Post-Mortem Photography
The Thanatos Archive
Goddess and God of the Underworld and the Dead in Aztec Mythology

Encyclopedia of Reincarnation and Karma (book)

Last Letter to a Loved One Checklist
The Letter
The Order of the Good Death Wikipedia ~ Website
Death Ok (Portland Oregon)
The Screw-In Coffin INVENTORS PBS Digital Studios
A Brief History of Coffin Screws
Body Farm
Memento mori
Ars moriendi
Holy Living and Holy Dying
PHAEDO By Plato Written 360 B.C.E Full Text ~ Wikipedia Entry
Skull Appreciation Society
Bardo Thodol (The Tibetan Book of the Dead) Wikipedia Entry
TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD ~ Audiobook (2:43:26)
Museum Of Unnatural Mystery
The Myth of Persephone:Greek Goddess of the Underworld
The Gruesome History of Eating Corpses as Medicine
Death Wish Coffee
Did you know that Caskets and coffins are different?
Caskets are square while coffins are tapered at the head and the foot
Did you know that there's a difference between a graveyard and a cemetery?
Graveyards are attached to churches while cemeteries stand alone.
a collective of winged gods
associated with love and sex in Greek mythology.
Nourishing Death
An Examination of the Relationship Between
Food and Death in Rituals, Culture, Religion and Society
restless or vengeful souls of the dead
Vengeful Ghost
in mythology and folklore the spirit of a deceased person
who returns from the afterlife to seek revenge for a cruel, unnatural or unjust death
or ghosts of individuals who have not been given a proper funeral
Green Burial

Bis Feasts
Asmat people in Indonesia
do not believe in death
All death is caused by vengeful magic.
When an Asmat person dies, their spirit goes to a temporary world of evil where they must wait for relatives to perform the proper ceremonies, once performed the spirit moves on to Safan, a place of happiness.
For the Asmat, the physical and spiritual worlds are constantly intertwined.
Parsley – The Herb of Death
In Greek mythology an infant prince named Opheltes was left unattended by his nurse and bitten by a serpent, resulting in the child’s death. Blood ran from the wound and along with it, parsley sprang forth from the infant’s blood. The child was renamed Archemorus, meaning “the forerunner of death.”
Sweet Death – Honey in Death Rituals

Michael Hebb
Ted Talk
Stephen Cave
Let's talk about death
Terror Management Theory
Flight From Death: The Quest for Immortality
Funeral Rule
The Funeral Rule was designed to protect consumers by requiring that they receive adequate information concerning the goods and services they may purchase from a funeral provider.

Ludwig Wittgenstein
"You needen't worry how long the book is. Whether it is a comic strip or an epic.
the only this that matters is that you make it a good story."
Stephen Cave
Caleb Wilde
Embracing Death
"It's estimated that there are one million acres of cemeteries in the United States and
buried beneath those cemeteries there's enough steel to build 2,000 Empire State buildings.
There's enough wood to forest the entire state of New Jersey and there's enough concrete
in the vaults to pave the sidewalk to the moon 28 times."
Embalming is rarely required by law. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission and many state regulators require that funeral directors inform consumers that embalming is not required except in certain special cases. Embalming is mandated when a body crosses state lines from Alabama and Alaska
6 Feet Become the Standard Grave Depth all started with the plague
The origins of “six feet under” come from a 1665 outbreak in England.
Modern American burial laws vary from state to state, though many states simply require a minimum of 18 inches of soil on top of the casket or burial vault (or two feet of soil if the body is not enclosed in anything).
Given an 18-inch dirt buffer and the height of the average casket (which, based on the ones I just looked at, appears to be approximately 30 inches), a grave as shallow as four feet would be fine.
Tongue Amulet
Thought to prevent the entry of evil or destructive influences, jades have also served an important burial function. Jades in various forms were placed in the mouth, hands, ears, nostrils and other orifices of the deceased.
Tongue amulets were typically made in the shape of a cicada (mythology)
perhaps because the life cycle of the cicada was seen as symbolic of renewed life.
Much the same as the
Egyptian Scarab
The cicada is an ancient polyvalent symbol:
resounding themes are resurrection, immortalityspiritual realization and spiritual ecstasy.
Tear Bottles
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross
was a Swiss-American psychiatrist, a pioneer in near-death studies and the author of the groundbreaking book
"On Death and Dying", where she first discussed her theory of the five stages of grief.
In 1923, Ford's pastor, and head of his sociology department, Episcopal minister Samuel S. Marquis, claimed that Henry Ford believed, or "once believed," in reincarnation
Maybe that is why he captured Edison's Last Breath

13 Chapter HTML Version
The Picture of Dorian Gray Wikipedia
20 Chapter HTML Version @ Project Gutenberg