Without order nothing can exist. Without Chaos nothing can evolve.

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Below Ouroboros carvings adorning the streets of Vienna.


Ah time. Today I have been studying up on Horology ("the study of time"), SundialsWiddershins and Sunwise The mythologies in regard to this is all very fascinating to me. My novel I started a while back “Robbyn's Road” is to have a character who studies time as part of alchemy and magic. In the story, for unknown reasons, the whole planet fell asleep for a number of years and have forgotten who they are and so they study everything they find around them when they awoke to discover the past and all its meaning. The direction of the turning of the wheel after its invention has cultural significance as well as direction one approaches altars, churches and Crossroads a well as the way people preform certain dances. Example: In Judaism circles are sometimes walked Widdershins For example, when a bride circles her groom seven times before marriage. In Judaism, starting things from the right side is considered to be important, since the right side is the side of Chessed (kindness) while the left side is the side of Gevurah (judgement). In some cultures they even have rules in regard to taking shoes on and off based on rotation of the sun and "cultural superstition".

Mortuary Practices of Ancient Egypt

Horology ("the study of time"


Widdershins and Sunwise


Solar time

For magic and mirror and related pages image from Occultopedia
Svetlana at fortune-telling by K.Brullov (1836, Nizhniy Novgorod museum)