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Imagine Reality: The Illusion of Life
Attributed to: Unleashed68
Member of AboveTopSecret

As requested by responders from the title, True Event: Alien Interaction that You Have Never Heard Before, you wanted more answers, here are more. Life is a journey, and this post is a journey back into a reality you have only forgot.

Imagine sticking your hand into a puppet and controlling the eyes and mouth. Now imagine a technology where by attaching electrodes to a mannequin that will respond any way you want. Now imagine a more sophisticated technology where a computer wirelessly controls the actions of a robot mannequin. Now, being aware that this has already been achieved today in science, know that there is an advanced technology that controls your robot, the human body, and this technology is an invisible cell commonly referred to as a spirit. An invisible being that created the body from nothing.

Imagine human beings rising from the dirt and beginning to form arms from the dirt, and legs from the dirt, and then facial features. Sound crazy? Well, you originally were a microscopic cell, invisible to the eye. You took the proteins from the womb to build a body, and the proteins in the womb came from the nutrients ingested by the mother. The nutrients the mother ingested were consumed from the waters and the lands, the fruits, vegetables and meats of the Earth. So what is your body? It is an extension of planet Earth, and what controls the body is the spirit that formed it together from nothingness.

Too hard to imagine? Seem to magical and unrealistic? Well, reality is an illusion and you are part of the illusion. However, you are just beginning to realize the truth, the reality beyond physical reality, that what you can not see controls what you do see.

Now, imagine a marble filled with cells that are designed to form trees, seas, plants, clouds, mountains, and other environmental elements. Imagine this marble spinning around a sun and sweeping the cells of the universe inside the marble to grow with each revolution. Imagine the marble growing into a planet, from nothing more than invisible cells of the universe.

Imagine the sun being the ultimate magnet to the marble turned planet, swinging the planet around it into constant animation, and with each revolution, the planet sweeps more cells from the universe into the planet and grows larger. Imagine the planet consuming the invisible cells of the universe to grow similar to how the human consumes the invisible cells that form proteins within a womb.

Too hard to imagine? Seem to magical and unrealistic? Well, once again, what we do not see is what forms what we do see. And if that seems unrealistic, remember this. The television broadcasts images and sounds through a satellite that distributes the sounds and images to millions instantly by waves of air you can not see. Cell phones and internet distribute information by means of cell distribution that you can not see. Still don’t believe it? Well, may as well, because the text you read right now is only possible by transferring information by means of invisible cells. Still don’t believe it? Call a friend and discuss it, but remember to ask your friend if he or she can see the waves that distribute your voices over the phone. If you are starting to understand, you are potentially able to realize what is next, and what is next, is a reality you have only forgot, the reality that created this reality.

Amazing, the ground on Earth bares magic. From the ground, vegetables and fruits and trees and plants can grow from nothing. From the ground, minerals, metals and other elements can form together to create windows, components and casing to fly into space and launch a satellite that is formed from the ground.

These ground elements can even form video cameras
that can record people and be broadcasted to millions of homes instantly. Every television, video recorder, cell phone comes from the ground. Every car comes from the ground. Every human body comes from the ground. Amazing, right? ................

[edit on 2-1-2010 by Unleashed68]

Why is it, that if the body is so real, that it inevitably ceases to exist and is buried or burned? Is this not what we do to broken furniture and garbage? Is your body so mighty, important and independent? No! Your body is an illusion of the nutrients you swept together from nothing, and the body will return to the ground, and to the Earth, one way or another.

Are you ready yet for where I am going with this? Are you ready to understand the universe, your true being, and your purpose? Are you ready to understand the true power of life, the power that creates from nothing and forms the organs and elements of both the planet Earth and the human body? Are you ready to understand the secrets of the universe? Are you ready to return to a place where magic instantly becomes created by mere thought? There are those of you who will know exactly what I am talking about, over one hundred million people will know in 2010, this year alone. There are 7 billion on Earth, and an average of 100 million will die per year for the next 70 years, all 7 billion lives will know this reality soon.

What do movies have in common with conscious fantasizing and dreams? They are all able to be experienced without your physical body becoming a part of the imaginary world. Movies are like conscious fantasizing, both are a controlled illusion, while dreams are an uncontrolled illusion of reality, much like the life you live. Dreams, like your present physical illusion are realities that are beyond your control, so what does this tell you about dreams? Dreams are as much a connection to reality as the life you currently believe is reality. The truth is, your spirit ventured here, and ventures into the universe nightly, without having to bring a body with it. The spirit carries no body, and yet it can create one, it can travel throughout the universe instantly.

Sometimes, in dreams people will talk about flying and levitating, or venturing to another world, or being chased by invisible ghosts, sounds kind of Hollywood, but, the creativity in Hollywood is a creation of human fantasy, and human fantasy is an extension of creation within the universe. So for those who wish they were Superman, could fly and repel bullets lol, the following paragraph explains it all.

The spirit came here to experience the illusion of physical existence. The spirit becomes attached to the body it controls, within the environment it used to create the body. The power of super humans is an illusion of Hollywood, it is a creative fantasy. The ability to do supernatural things exceeds the design of both the human body and the environment that created it, planet Earth. Therein lies the secret, for those who want to know how to become superhuman, how to become more than a human, there was the secret; and for the most creative and intelligent, the answer is obvious. Planet Earth does not create physical bodies that are capable of these achievements, all beings here are limited by the sensations created within the environment of Earth.

You have to believe, not the body you, but the real you, the spirit, you have to detach from the world of illusion you perceive as reality and become part of the reality you can’t see with the human eye, the reality that controls this one. Then, when you are separated from the realities of this illusion, you will come back into contact with the realities you forgot when you formed a body here. Then, the powers of the universe will be understood, and you will realize you can’t move mountains, because you are no more than the dirt you came from, but your spirit, that is attached to the body, it can achieve whatever is imagined, within the realm of the natural order in the universe, not Earth.
And for those wanting more information about 2014 and 2015, it will come, and what exactly I have received in communications, it will be told as well. Before I get to that however, people will need to understand the basics before their mind has any chance of understanding the inevitable.

Hope you all understand, the most important thing for people to learn is they are really an invisible being controlling the illusion of a physical one, then when they learn this, they can learn what I was communicated.

One thing to consider, a baby does not come into the world with this knowledge, it is learned, so the fact is, what you read from me is what I learned. The information I give is hitting people here because their spirit recognizes the truth, which compels them, because we all have the natural instinct to sense truth over fiction, hence, nobody trusts their governments or police, and why, people are naturally, not stupid.