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Transpersonal Movement
Transpersonal Anthropology

Ode To The Brain

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Mind & Life Institute Wikipedia

Consciousness Link Pages #1 ~ #2#3#4#5 ~ #6

Ode to the Brain
Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. It has been defined as: sentience, awareness, subjectivity, the ability to experience or to feel, wakefulness, having a sense of selfhood, and the executive control system of the mind. (Wikipedia)
The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind PDF by Julian Jaynes ~ Bicameralism

Cognitive Science Society

Sri Aurobindo
believed humans are evolutionary beings who currently are not fully developed and are only in a transitional period.

Stream Of Consciousness (narrative mode) ~ Stream of consciousness (psychology)

The Hoasca Project
LSD Research in the Age of Aquarius

Panpsychism Wikipedia Entry
Panpsychism Versus Panprotopsychism

Some Meditation Links
Meditation Wikipedia
Meditation Mayo Clinic
Zen Wikipedia
Mindfulness Wikipedia
101 Zen Koans
Tonglen Wikipedia
Tonglen Practice Pema Chodron
His Holiness the Dalai Lama Tonglen

Pema Chodron Wikipedia

Transcendental Meditation Wikipedia
11 Meditation Styles and Techniques Explained
25 Meditation Techniques Overview
12 of the Best Free Guided Meditation Sites
Guided Meditations Versus “Flying Solo”
3 Videos:
Guided Meditation - The Seat (16:46)
Guided Body Scan Meditation for Mind & Body Healing (30:24)
Guided Meditation for Detachment From Over-Thinking (42:15)

 ~ Object
Belief ~ Fact

Sheldrake Official Website

noun: consciousness
 :the condition of being conscious : the normal state of being awake and able to understand what is happening around you
 : a person's mind and thoughts
 : knowledge that is shared by a group of people
   a :  the quality or state of being aware especially of something within oneself
   b :  the state or fact of being conscious of an external object, state, or fact
   c :  awareness; especially :  concern for some social or political cause
 2:  the state of being characterized by sensation, emotion, volition, and thought :  mind
3:  the totality of conscious states of an individual
4:  the normal state of conscious life <regained consciousness>
5:  the upper level of mental life of which the person is aware as contrasted with unconscious processes **

Consciousness Wikipedia Entry
Higher Consciousness Wikipedia
The Higher Consciousness Society
37 Tidbits of Higher Consciousness
Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes 1972 Free PDF
Be Here Now by Ram Dass PDF from Storm Wolf Words Blog (Original Book Scan)
Three Levels of Consciousness
9 Key Components of the Shift to Higher Consciousness
The Six Planes of Higher Consciousness
The 12 Pathways To the Higher Consciousness Planes of Unconditional Love and Oneness
Tools for Personal Transformation: Higher States of Consciousness
Map of Consciousness


Mindfulness practice is a meditative discipline, originating in Buddhism, that involves the cultivation of a type of present centered, nonjudgmental awareness of the ongoing flow of one’s emerging experience.

McMindfulness Psychology Today
Beyond McMindfulness Ron Purser - Huffington Post


Brain, Mind, and Altered States of Consciousness

The Eightfold Path to Altered States of Consciousness
10 Ways to Alter Your Consciousness Without Drugs
Altered States of Consciousness The Mystica
Psychedelic Entheogens and Altered States of Consciousness
Professor Stanislav Grof > Wikipedia

What Are Hypnagogic and Hypnopompic Dreams?

Third Eye - Pineal Gland
Third Eye Wikipedia
Seat of the Soul
Pineal gland Wikipedia

States of Awareness

 Evolution as defined by Encarta:
1. The theoretical process by which all species develop from earlier forms of life.
2. The natural or artificially induced process by which new and different organisms develop as a result of DNA changes.


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Purusha (centre of consciousness) and Prakrti (existence) the source of all material
Carl Gustav Jung Four Functions of Consciousness


The Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies Links
International Academy of Consciousness
Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
Human Brain Project
Centre for Consciousness
Global Consciousness Project
Centre for Consciousness Science
The Divine Society
Mind Science Foundation
University of Philosophical Research
William A. Tiller Institute for Psychenergenic Science

Psychology of Self
Consciousness joke cartoon
Creativity (creative cognition)
Alfred North Whitehead ~ Process Philosophy

 Rupert Sheldrake Org >>  Wikipedia Entry
Scientific Heretic Rupert Sheldrake on Morphic Fields, Psychic Dogs and Other Mysteries
Rupert Sheldrake - The Science Delusion ~ Banned TED Talk
The Science Delusion 10 Dogmas
Morphic Resonance
The Morphogenetic Universe 1:20:27

Ralph AbrahamChaos Theory * Webometry: measuring the complexity of the World Wide Web by Ralph Abraham
Reflections on Metaphysics and the Problems of Consciousness

Reality Creation 1010
Law of Attraction Wikipedia
Law of Attraction by Meera Lester
Law of Attraction Library
William A. Tiller Institute for Psychenergenic Science
How Cutting-Edge Science Proves You Can Create Your Own Reality
Seth On You Crate Your Own
Creating Your Own Reality & The Power Of Thought

Ultra-Culture: Wake Up And Mutate
Exile & Exhileration - A Video Meme From Genisis P-Orridge Genisis P-Orridge Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3

The One behind the Many
Symphony of Science
Dark Matter
The Origins and History of Consciousness
A collection of TED Talks (and more) on the topic of consciousness
Neuropsychology  and Neuroscience
What Defines Human Consciousness?
Human consciousness is simply a state of matter, like a solid or liquid – but quantum
A User's Guide to Human Consciousness
The Coercian of Consciousness
Do Electromagnetic Fields Affect the Pineal Gland, Limiting Human Consciousness?
Integrated Information Theory Wikipedia >> Consciousness as Integrated Information: a Provisional Manifesto Information Theory
The Study of Fundamental Consciousness Entering the Mainstream
A Magnetic Trick to Define Consciousness
"Brain Echo" >> Perturbational Complexity Index
Expanding Human Consciousness Hermes Press
Consciousness Still A Mystery
Christian de Quincey >> Wikipedia >> Blog >> Nature Has a Mind of Its Own by Christian de Quincey
Is human consciousness an epiphenomenon?*
A Dreamy Evolution of Human Consciousness
Brain Researchers Acknowledge Animal Consciousness
Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness
New Consciousness Arising?
Evolution and Human Consciousness: Unanswered Questions
Are We Entering A New Era of Human Consciousness -- Or Will We Remain In The Same Negative Paradigm? The Choice is Ours
Stanford Physicist: Vast, Powerful Realm Between Particles Influenced by Human Consciousness
A New Worldview is Consciously Evolving Humanity
William A. Tiller Institute for Psychenergenic Science
Metalogue: The Evolution of Mind, Consciousness, and the Web
Book Design, Internet Marketing and the Nature of Human Consciousness
Science and Spirit Magazine
Positive ET Contact Via Human Consciousness
Nikolai Fedorov >> The Church of Perpetual Life
Reflections on Metaphysics and the Problems of Consciousness
Links on Consciousness, Mind, and Cognition
Intragal Options Cafe (blog)
WHY Project
Social Consciousness
Tabula Rasa ~ Wikipedia
Innatism ~ Psychological Nativism
Dennis William Hauck ~ Gary Lachman

One-page proof that attributing consciousness to the brain is absurd


The Unconscious Mind Wikipedia
Unconscious Mind
National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine
Freud's Conscious and Unconscious Mind - Psychology
The Holy Grail of the Unconscious
The Red Book Wikipedia
What is Ultimate Reality?


The Zone-Flow (psychology)
The Brain With Davis Eagleman - The Unconscious Mind - PBS

Physicality is a Hologram; Consciousness is Eternal
Holographic Principle ~ Is the Universe a Hologram?
Michael Talbot The Holographic Universe - YouTube
22 ~ 23

Michio Kaku Big Think Collection 71 Videos
Big Think You Tube

Stephen Laberge

Dream Telepathy
Montague Ullman and Stanley Krippner
A Pilot Study in Dream Telepathy with the Grateful Dead
Collective Unconscious

REM Sleep
Lucid Dreaming
Lucid Dreaming Techniques Google Search
A hypnopompic state (or hypnopomp) is the state of consciousness leading out of sleep, a term coined by the psychical researcher Frederic Myers. Its mirror is the hypnagogic state at sleep onset; though often conflated, the two states are not identical. Many have said that these states are when channeling often occurs. Channeling has been described as "the communication of information to or through a physically embodied human being from a source on some other level or dimension of reality other than the physical as we know it."
False Awakening
Somnology and Neuroscience Of Sleep
Hypnosis ~ History Of Hypnosis
Embodied imagination
Night Demon
Some Sleep Demons
Mare ~ AlpBatibat ~ Nocnitsa
Dream Speech
1.(psychiatry) a disorder of the memory or the faculty of recognition
in which dreams may be confused with reality

Hallucinogenic Plants In Chinese Herbals

Conscious Life Expo

Francis Crick the Nobel Prize-winning father of modern genetics, was under the influence of LSD when he first deduced thedouble-helix structure of DNA nearly 50 years ago.

How to Induce Lucid Dreaming
Paradigm Shift Consciousness

Slow-wave Sleep
Alpha ~ MuBetaThetaDelta ~ Gamma

Transcranial Direct-current Stimulation

Stanley Krippner
has written extensively on altered states of consciousness, dream telepathy, hypnosis, shamanism, dissociation, and parapsychological subjects.
Alfred Korzybski


Cognitive Psychology
Tabula Rasa ~ Innatism
Empiricism ~ Nativism
Rationalism ~ Skepticism
Dualism ~ Monism
Mind–body Problem
Dr. Stanislav Grof ~ Psychiatric Alchemy


Synesthesia In Art Wikipedia
The Synesthesia ArtForum
Sensology by Michel Gagné - HD 720P - Music by Paul Plimley and Barry Guy
Synesthesia and The Arts Book Image

John Titor - Time Traveler

John Titor Times ( Coast To Coast Site)
The Mystery of John Titor: Hoax or Time Traveler?
Wilipedia Entry
The Man Who Told the Internet He'd Come from the Future 

Ananta is Shesha-naga

"Do not lessen the time of following desire, for the wasting of time is an abomination to the spirit." -
Philosophy Of Space And Time
Eternal Return
Eternalism ~ Presentism
Father Time
Time And Fate Deities
Time Travel In Science and Time Travel In Fiction
Natural Philosophy
Divination ~ Prophecy ~ Fate
female beings who rule the destiny of gods and men
Web of Wyrd

Magical Thinking

Daimon - Encyclopedia Mythica

The Doors of Perception Wikipedia

Full Text of "Moksha : writings on psychedelics and the visionary experience (1931-1963)" by Aldous Huxley

Lucid Dream Life
Diaphragmatic Breathing
Holotropic Breathwork
Integrative Breathwork
Transformational Breathwork
Shamanic Breathwork
Kris Kassidy's Breakthrough
Consensus Reality
Ego Death

Paranoia ~ Pronoia
Pronoia Therapy (Rob Brezsny) ~ VALIS (Vast Active Living Intelligence System)
Religious Paranoia
Fusion Paranoia
Whispers: The Voices of Paranoia Wikipedia ~ Dr. Tolman's Flying Influence Machine (POSSE)
Six Degrees of Separation
Some Books:
Source Of Light A Contemplative Monastery Free Buddhist eBooks
Training the Mind and Cultivating Loving-Kindness
Turning the Mind Into an Ally by Sakyong Mipham (multible formats)
Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism by Sakyong Mipham Full Text
Zen Mind Beginners Mind
dharma art
The Places that Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times by Pema Chodron
Singing Bowl
Woodstock Zenergy Chimes
Higher Self Google Search

The Psychedemia Interview
Psychedemia Conference

Dolphins Get High On Pufferfish

False Memory Syndrome

Lotus Tree
Philosophy of self


Dionysus the god of altered states

Albert Hofmann 1943 - a bicycle trip (2009) Animation

Interview With Terence McKenna


Michael Persinger and the God Helmet