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What? A good Death? "What is good about death?" you may ask. In my previous Death page I list links on all sort of issues, history, mythology, spiritual and so on in regard to Death and Dying. In the Transhumanism-AI page I delve a bit into those who wish to prolong life. This page is not so esoteric. This is a page about the steps one should endeavor to take to make your death orderly and less stressful for yourself and the ones you love. Practical things that are required by culture and law at the end of life and after. Some links are Idaho specific as that is where I live but info for your own home is easily found.
Thanks to my best friend M. for inspiring this page.

How Do I Get a DNR Order in Idaho?

Idaho Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care PDF
Funeral Consumers Alliance of Idaho
Boise Weekly: Dying in Idaho The Business of Goodbye (2005)
Planning For Your Own Death - Legal Affairs (A Good Basic Guide)
Living Trust Network

TED Talk: What really matters at the end of life (19:07
If I Die.Org gives you a way to write notes that will only be delivered if you die

Palliative Care
Hospice Vs. Palliative Care - National Caregivers Library
Last Will and Testament Wikipedia
Making A Will: The Basics National Caregivers Library

Last Will and Testament Wikipedia
NOLO-Make Your Will: A Quick Checklist
What is a Living Will?
Ethical Wills Wikipedia ~ The Ethical Will, an Ancient Concept, Is Revamped for the Tech Age
Debt After Death: 10 Things You Need to Know

National Donor Sabbath
Organ Donation Wikipedia

Organ Donation FAQ
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Organ Donor
Download Your State's Advance Directives (PDF File)
State by State Organ Procurement Organizations (58 in USA)
American Transplant Foundation.Org
National Foundation for Transplants
United Network for Organ Sharing

Signs of Death 10 Signs of Death Approaching Caring.com
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Prepare For Your Death Online: 20+ Helpful Tools
Get Your Shit Together Life and Death Planning
Getting Your Affairs in Order National Institute on Aging
Estate Planning: 16 Things To Do Before You Die Investopedia

Digital Assets Wikipedia
Nolo:Digital Assets in Idaho
State-by-State Digital Estate Planning Laws
Digital Death and Afterlife Online Services List
The Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act ~ Opposition to the Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act
What Your Will Should Say About Your Digital Assets
Digital Afterlife: What happens to your online accounts when you die?
Planning for When You Log Off for the Last Time (article)
A Digital Afterlife

Ethical Will

Legacy Letter ~ Legacy Letters Project
Durable Power of Attorney for Finance

Durable Power of Attorney for Health care

Cremation Expense Insurance
Order of the Good Death Reading List
National Home Funeral Alliance

Jack Kevorkian - Wikipedia
A Right To Die? Video (14:28)
Death with Dignity Act
Death with Dignity National Center
Compassion With Choices

Body Farm
Forensic Archaeology
Body Donation
Body Donation Programs in the United States
LifeLegacy Foundation
BioGift Body Donations

Tibetan Sky Burial

Going green when it's your time to go
The Rise of Back-to-the-Basics Funerals
What is Green Burial Video (2:48)
Green Burial and Land Conservation Video (27:51)
Cradle-to-grave Life-cycle Assessment Wikipedia
Exit: The Life and Death Planner
Natural Burial Wikipedia
Promession/Cryomation Wikipedia ~ Cryomation The UK

Scattering Ashes - Laws & Regulations
Green Burials Consume Fewer Resources, Can Save Money
Reduce the Use of Carcinogenic Chemicals, Conserve Land, Preserve Wildlife
Green Burial Council
Wiccan Funeral Ceremony - Universal Life Church

Hospice Wikipedia

Cicely Saunders Foundation
International Association for Hospice & Palliative Care
The Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance
American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Hospice Agencies Idaho Health and Welfare List and Reports
Hospice Boise Google Map and List


Last Letter to a Loved One Checklist
The Letter
The Order of the Good Death Wikipedia ~ Website
Death Ok (Portland Oregon)

Green Burial



Final Expense Insurance
Wills and Estate Planning
Beneficiary Information
Medicare and Social Security
Supplemental Insurance
Trusts >> estate planning
Health Care Directive
Advance Funeral Arrangements
Burial or Cremation Expense Insurance