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Tarot Art and Magick

I love the Tarot. So do many others. A Google search on the word "Tarot" generates about 41,100,000 results (0.47 seconds) If I were any good at math I could figure how long it would take to visit each of those pages. Now wouldn't that be fun!?

Jungian Archetypes

Do you know Pamela (Pixie) Colman Smith?

The Fool's Journey
History of Tarot Wiki
Pamela Colman (Pixie) Smith
Frieda Harris occultist/artist designer of Crowley's Thoth Tarot Deck
Llewellyn Books and Info on Taort
Arthur Edward Waite
The Pictorial Key to the Tarot HTML with Images
The Hermetic Tarot
Learn the Tarot Free Online Course

The Archetype of the Magician
The Fool As Archetype
Tarot Archetypes of the Major Arcana
Carl Jung and Tarot

Tarot eCards.com

Major Arcana of the standard Tarot
** The Fool ** The Magician ** The High PriestessThe Empress ** The EmperorThe Hierophant ** The Lovers ** The Chariot ** Strength ** The Hermit ** Wheel of Fortune ** Justice ** The Hanged Man ** Death ** Temperance ** The Devil ** The Tower ** The Star ** The Moon ** The Sun ** Judgement ** The World **
I personally use the Connolly Deck most often.
The Connolly Tarot has made some changes to the major Arcana.
Death has been changed to “Transformation” and The Devil has been changed to “Materialism”.
Deck Images
US Game Systems Connolly Deck
She has three excellent books on Tarot also

Aleister Crowley The Thoth Tarot Wikipedia ~ Images ~ Marguerite Frieda Harris > Wikipedia ~ Angel Path interpretation of Thoth Deck
Rider-Waite Tarot Wikipedia ~ Images

Tarot Philosophy and Culture
The Psychodynamics Of Tarot Imagery by Ellen Z. Uecker, OTR
Carl Jung and Tarot ~ Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog
Carl Gustav Jung, Quantum Physics and the Spiritual Mind: A Mystical Vision of the Twenty-First Century
Jungian Archetypes
Arthur Koestler, the Paranormal and The Roots of Coincidence > PDF

Kether Muse Tripping Tarot Pinterest Page
Have Gun—Will Travel episode, “Everyman” from 1961 (Season 4, Ep 27) that starts with a Tarot reading
Tarot in Film - Part 1 Vimeo Video
TV & Movie Tarot Watch List
Tarot Card Reading from Tranquil Gardens

78 Tarot Blogs and Websites Worth Checking Out
Biddy Tarot Recommended Links

LivingNewAge.com 5 Best Websites For Learning Tarot
Enlightening Reads: The Top 20 Tarot Card Blogs


Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology
Poets and the Tarot ~ William Butler Yeats and Occult Poetry
Tarot Poetry Project - Christiana Gaudet
 ~ An Introduction To writing Tarot Poetry-Spiral Nature

In Poetry ~ In Tarot
Tarot Tetractys Spread

Futurama Tarot
Tarot Mucha
XIII Tarot
Here is an odd one but I like it for some reason Beautiful Creatures Tarot by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (Wikipedia) Her website Here  > Images
Infinite Vision Tarot
The Star Tarot Deck
Druidcraft Tarot
Tarot Art Nouveau
MoonRaven Tarot Deck Reviews
78 Tarot is pretty interesting It is a collaboration of 78 artist who met on Facebook

And then there is the Housewives Tarot
Lists of Tarot Decks #1 and #2 from Aeclectic.Net
A small list used by The Seer with good images and descriptions
General Google Tarot Deck Images Page

Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchett

Raven's Tarot Site
Adam's Tarot Weblog
Osvaldo Menegazzi
Arnell Ando

For Art Page General
Visual Culture

Absolute Key To Occult Science 1892
By Papus (Gérard Encausse)