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Visionary ~ Occult

Esoteric Art Google Search

Above Image From O-Ah-Key One Of My Oldest Friends
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The Occult Artists Collective
The Midnight Archive
Phantasmaphile ~ Facebook
Sabat Magazine
I Lurk In Bushes
Visionary Art Wikipedia
"Why Visionary Art Matters" by Alex Grey - Burning Man 2012
Vienna School Of Fantastic Realism
first established in 1946, is considered to be an important technical and philosophical catalyst in its strong influence upon contemporary visionary art
The Society for the Art of Imagination
serves as an important portal for visionary art events.
Society of Layerists in MultiMedia
is a network for artists who express a holistic perspective in any style or medium. Layering is not a label for a specific technique, such as collage. It is a way to think about creating art as a synthesis of ideas from many sources: the sciences, philosophy, metaphysics, experience, and imagination. The layers in Layered art are the references and meaning that the artist brings to the work rather than the materials used to create it. As a society, we are focused on the intentions of the artist. Layering is an evanescent metaphor that grows like moss from living and learning. Often there is a sense of something "other" than the visible in Layered art. The kinship among Layerists is their openness to inspiration from all aspects of their lives and their shared perception of an underlying connectedness to everything. Mary Carroll Nelson, SLMM founder
Journey of Awakening (@ Sol Purpose)
Dievient Art
Sol Purpose
Alchemistas – Beyond the Veil
Interview with Darren Minke, Creator of Alchemistas: Beyond the Veil ~ Beyond the Veil Facebook Page
Darren Minke
This is your Opportunity! We are seeking artists from around the world to submit their work for the next Visionary Art Book
42 Modern Psychedelic Visionary Artists You Need To Know
Dark Psychedelic Art
Ayahuasca Community.com Visionary-Artists
Occult Artists Collective
Occult Art for Sale 1935 occult featured images
BeinArt Collective
Sacred Spaces Village
Tribe13 Gallery
IASOS Artist Gallery
Art of the Mystic also some links to crowdfunding sites
High Vibration Foundation.org Visionary-Artists
Cosmic Perspective
Since the early 1970s the vocabulary used to describe visual art has expanded drastically. Many artists, students, teachers, and critics have suddenly found themselves drowning in a sea of jargon that seems to have descended suddenly from nowhere. A straightforward guide to modern artists is greatly needed.
Faerie Worlds
Mystic Garden Gathering >> Their 2012 Lineup >> Don't know what happened to this but they have a face book page too

Stream Of Consciousness (narrative mode) ~ Stream of consciousness (psychology)

Vali Myers
Sha-woman, visionary artist, witch, activist and muse of the 1950s and 1960s.
Asage ~ Asterion's Occult Art ~ AmorastreyaPablo Amaringo (Greast Links to associated artits) ~ Mugwort ArtemesiaVA Galery Ausi ~ Benedigital ~ Laura BorealisisLuke Brown ~ Bene Digital ~ Bill BrouardLaurence CaruanaMariela de la Paz ~ Daniel Martin DiazSacred MachineMysticus Publishing > Wikipedia ~ Michael Divine ~ Chris DyerAshley ForemanAndrew GabzalezCameron GrayAlex GreyGeoglyphiksHans Haveron ~ Simon Haiduk ~ Jas HelenaMark Henson ~ Radhika Heresy ~ Hakan HisismMartina Hoffman #1 #2Daniel HolemanKatia HonourRyan JohnsonAndriod JonesJamie KaminskasKrystleeyez ~ Ishka LaDave LawellKeerych LuminokayaMark Lee #1 #2??Adam Scott MillerDarren Minke ~ Nicomi Nix Turner > Blog > Wikipedia ~ Autumn Skye Morrison ~ O-AH-KEYHanalisa OmerXavi PannetonMariela de la Paz ~ Jessica PearlsteinFreydoon Rassouli ~ Ira Ratry Images? ~ Adam Fu Reed Images ?Amanda SageTony SchevingBrian Paul SmithImages?  ~ Juan Carlos Taminchi ~ VideoCarey ThompsonJustin TotemicalTourmaline Todd visionary performance artistJustin Totemical ~ Robert VenosaViandara ~ Emma Watkinson

 Parable Visions - Official Page of Artist Cameron Gray ~ Google Images
Mandala Sacred Geometry

Visionary Art Images Google ~ Visionary Art The Dark Side Google Images
Luciferian Research Society Association of Occult Artists, Producers and Service Providers

In contrast to the hippies of the 1960s who were decidedly antiscience and antitechnology, the cyberpunks of the 1980s and 1990s ecstatically embraced technology and the hacker ethic.
parablev (Cameron Gray) - DeviantArt