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Namaste'  93


   The day after the Battle of Inktomi the Committee gathered to discuss the next steps. It was decided that for a while Mani and the Guild would take care of everything that was needed to happen. Grigori would help when needed but for the most part everyone needed time to readjust still. So it was that Pythia instructed us to keep on meeting people and explore Genesis.

    Basically after the battle Alexander's soldiers were offered to accept Genesis and its rules and obligations or be held in prison like conditions until new options could be arranged. Almost every one of the captives accepted this and citizens began happily adopting them and even inviting them to live in their homes.

    Pythia had not began to have meeting with Alexander allowing Mani to secure and set up his quarters of confinement. All seemed to be going well and my sisters and I were having a grand time submerging ourselves in all that was happening and life in Genesis. It was near two weeks later another meeting of the committee was arranged. Of most significance to my sisters and I was that Griffin told us that there are requests from many spiritual leaders and seers asking if Genesis could send its vehicles, come to them and bring them safely and swiftly to Genesis. It was discussed and agreed that Griffin would set the Dragoon on upgrading the old vehicles and send some of the new ones to gather these people. Every one had a chance to speak and most did with many great ideas and thoughts.

    Also of importance the Gatekeeper Kai asked to speak. She asked a question to the committee as spokes person for the Gatekeepers, Ahi Adra and my sisters and I. She said we all feel our work has just begun and that we were seeing a new alliance beginning between us and wish to be involved with the arrival of the seers from afar when this happens. She asked the Tillers, in particularly Zephyr and Calypso, if she could take Ahi Adra, my sisters and I to her village Sanctus Orbis to do ritual and prepare for the arrival of the seers. This request was easily granted. We soon after began making arrangement for this.

    Pythia spoke at the end of the meeting I will tell you what she said as best as I can,

    “I must be honest. I have never been completely comfortable with the role of a leader except on rare occasions. But since the Sacred Amrita ritual at Sanctus Orbis I have been told by seers there and beyond the fates have said that this is my destiny. I and they have been looking to see what the fates have in store beyond this with no clear answers. I and they still search for this. After what I was once told by Aja I no longer search for this answer because I believe the prophecy of the Daughters Wyrd that the seer that will have this clarity of vision comes from their blood line.

    “Even for one who has gifts as I do and has seen what I have, the amazement to the incredible things that have occurred in recent days is no less than others have. I would like to thank all who contributed to the moment we now all share, and for the act that will be done in the future. So for a start I proposed that we form a committee to have a city wide celebration in days to come. Entertainment and joy, as we know, are essential for a healthy community. I think Griffin, Rolo and Zephyr would be well suited to choose those who could bring this into manifestation.

    “As I close my eyes and listen I can hear the great clockworks of fate turn the Great Wheel, as the Sisters call it. I can see it is Old-Man Naapi using his bare hands to turn the gears as the Moirai sing while they spin, measure and cut. Chronos prepares to crack his egg and Abraxas yells Abracadabra! calling forth both gods and demons. And the wee folk play dice in rich meadows at the base of the Temple Delphi leaving their fates up to the carved bones of the dead.

    “Nahdi told me of the spider god Inktomi and how he is weaving our fates together. A tapestry on a loom with an endless design. I declare from this day forward the struggle we just had with Alexander is to be known as the Battle of Inktomi. We have formed many an alliance in this last year but we must not forget that Alexander and Black Swank are also a part of this sacred web.

    “I am looking and I am seeing. A rope is being braided by three stands of twine. Black, white and gold. Those strands are Alexander, my brother Jessie and myself. We dance suspended like nymphs around a May Pole. Looking up and looking down I see the braid has no beginning nor ending. The wee folk are calling out to me saying 'It is your turn to cast the bones.' I can also still see you looking at me and listening to my words.”

    This was very short and much of what she said I did not understand having not heard these terms before. Later I we were instructed to their meanings. Before she finished she said, “I am tired. Grigori, will you take me to a place where I can rest alone until tomorrow? A place far from here where it is warm and the sun is shining. Tomorrow return me and I will go and meet Alexander.”

    With that Pythia and Grigori left the meeting, walked to the Meadow of Nine Muses and were not seen again until the next day. We learned later that Grigori used his ability to bend space and took them to a place called Arizona the the land of Indian people called the Hopi. The day they returned Pythia began her conversations with Alexander. She also allowed Jessie to see Alexander the day after this. The it was the next day Pythia called a meeting of the Committee again to make a request for Alexander. He requested the Committee allow him to have some of his restriction lifted in his captivity. Pythia had gather some of the people who had been working with him and asked them to give testimony. All who did so gave Alexander positive evaluations. In brief, as a means to gain his trust, after much conversation was granted.

    Of further importance Pythia left the Hallow that day and three thing occurred almost simultaneously. In order to understand I will need to give some background. At the time of the Battle of Inktomi, two people, Stinger and Annie who were seen riding into Genesis with Alexander, had dived into a cellar through a door on the ground near one of the buildings surrounding The Wheel to escape the sound of the K-Hertz-20's and as luck would have it they made it just in time and the door closing behind them muffled the sound enough that it did not effect them. With their stealth they had been hiding in Genesis since the battle and observing and collecting information. They knew that Alexander was being held in a special place in the Hallow. They got to know different warriors and their roles. They knew Mani and they knew Gawonii. They had been plotting a plan to capture either Mani or Gawonii and use them to help rescue Alexander.

    As it was on that morning Gawonii was walking between some building to take a shortcut to Ground Zero to meet Ira and Grigori for some exercise. Following him they confronted him in between the buildings. Moments before Kăngee, Ira's spirit crow, Grigori kept Stingers knife and later it was revealed that it belonged to Jessie and was found when Stinger canvased the area where Pythia met Jessie and Alexander in the woods before we had reached New Eden. He later returned it to Jessie.

    Now I need go back in history a bit as it was told to me. In the days when Mani and the Guild were spying in Black Swan there were a few of them doing this. One of their crew was a Guild member named Lesley who was called Mouse. He was not a Tiller Guild member but one of the new generation aged near thirty. Mouse had been following Alexander and Jessie and he had learned about the woman Gabrielle. Given how they interacted he believed that she was Alexander's lover and partner. Because of circumstance the spies decided to hurry back to Genesis and inform them that Alexander was ready to move. Mouse at the time when they were to meet was attacked by a gang of thieves who basically beat him senseless, stripped him naked and left him to die. He was in and out of consciousness for days. When he was revived enough he had to work on getting clothes and other things for survival. Now Mouse has always been a bit of a rebel and has always taken chances working with the Guild. He decided on his own, knowing Alexander was to leave on his mission to Genesis, to kidnap Gabrielle and take her with him to Genesis perhaps to use as a bargaining device hostage. The Guild would not have sanctioned such an action had they known.

    He then went about locating and stealing horses and supplies for the journey. Capturing Gabrielle was the easiest part of his plan. It took a few weeks after they first left but he eventually got her to comply and resign herself to her fate. Suri thought that Gabrielle had decided to follow and try to catch up to Alexander. This left Suri, as Jessie's wife, and other trusted people Alexander had left behind, to care for Black Swan in his absence in charge of keeping all flowing smoothly, reassuring the people all was well. She had faith that Jessie would return and was prepared to patiently wait until that day.

    Also at the time that Mouse was working his plan the seers of the Sea Daughters who lived near the Black swan had been in visions and communications with other temples. The High Priestess of their temple, Gwenith, told that their seer Keelin was told that they need join the gathering of people that was occurring just as the Pythia had been told by their teachers. Keelin is considered by Pythia and others the most powerful of seers.

        And so three of those from the Sea Daughters took off at that time to go toward Genesis itself. They are named Salacia “salt bearer”,  Acionna “river goddess” and Erie, affectionately called Little Sea-Urchin.

    So Mouse and Gabrielle as well as the Sea Daughters were just weeks behind Alexander. They all had taken a southern routes, far south of Alexander, that were near but did not cross each other. All of them arrived in Genesis on the same day. They were not stopped from entering Genesis as there was no concern of any unwanted visitors doing so. There was quite a stir, especially when the Guild had been told Mouse's tale and Mani took him and Gabrielle to see the Tillers and Pythia. The Sea Daughters were greeted by citizens and taken to Pilgrim and Rumor who then took them to Zephyr.

    All these unforeseen occurrences in one day created so many ripples in the lives of Genesis. It was decided that Gabrielle would be treated as an honored guest, not a prisoner, and not to tell Alexander of her presence just yet. After Jessie was her constant companion, openly talked with her and was her guide to Genesis. The Sea Daughters were introduced to all and they naturally were taken to see my sisters and I and the Gatekeepers in Sanctus Orbis a few days before there was to be ritual there. For many reasons that ritual was postponed for a few weeks.

    We spent time with the Gatekeepers designing a mutual ritual comprising of as many traditions we could imagine. We sent word for Pythia to join us which she did. She arrived on her horse Wiaz.

    “Welcome Pythia!” Kai greeted her and took hold of the reins of her horse as Pythia jumped off. Motioning to some others, obviously students, to take Wiaz and tend to her needs. Kai then embraced Pythia. Also standing there were Gatekeepers named Azri and Kane. They were friend to Pythia also. Gatekeeper Azri spoke as Kane stood near.

    “Pythia, Kane and I could not go without greeting you. It has been too long since we have seen you. We will not be seeing you again until after your ritual time. This ritual is designed for and will be participated in only by women and we would not wish to upset the balance of your energies by injecting our maleness there. There will be plenty of time for ritual that requires both but that is not today. As Kai will tell you it has been decided while you are doing this ritual everyone here will remain quiet and in our own domes. But please do find us before you go and sit and have some tea with us.”

    Kane smiled and nodded saying as he often does we were told, “Yes yes. Very good, very good,”. Azie walked up to Pythia and kissed her on both cheeks. Kai slapped Azri on the shoulder with a smile as she motioned to the others and they all turned and began walking to the far side of the Gatkeerers's village. We walked until we were at the place they call the seven Irkalla's Pools We all stopped and gathered close together. Kai spoke with her strong voice, the one she used when serious, not the soft sweet one she has when she is just being a friend.

    “As prescribed by our traditions and discussed by us, we will start today with a ritual cleansing in the Irkalla's Pools. We will not be here today for soaking but we most likely will do so later. Starting in the bottom pool we each will enter leaving a piece of clothing as offering to the Gods and Goddesses and the Spirits of the Underworld as we work our way up to the seventh pool. I will first tell Pythia and Tess what we have worked out as far as this whole ritual is concerned before they arrived. It is simple and I know you will need little explanation as we go on and follow our lead. We have devised a ritual that utilizes parts of all our traditions. Our intent is two fold. One, to strengthen our personal bonds and the new alliance of our faiths. Second, we wish to combine our collective energy to look deeply into the void to see what the Fates may have in store for us and our peoples. Let us focus our intent. May the Fates be kind to us and reveal those visions. So without delay let us begin!”

    Kai had told us earlier that the  Irkalla's Pools were used for preparation for rituals as well as bathing. She had told us that the day would begin by taking off pieces of clothing at each of the seven pools as offerings to the keepers of the gates to the netherworld. Kai began, taking off the long braided and beaded magical cord she always wore around her neck, stepping into the pool as we all lined up behind her. Pythia chose to enter last. As we climbed the pools some quietly mouthed prayers, invocations and salutations. Others paused in momentary silence with closed eyes. We did not submerge in the pools but took cupped handfuls of the sacred water and splashed it over ourselves before moving on. The rocks were decorated with various runes, sigils and animal totems. Some painted on and others carved into the stone. After rising to the seventh pool we gathered at the bottom of the cascade of pools and waited as each had completed the ritual cleansing and redressed.

    Kai led us to a large meadow outside the village. Someone had prepared the area beforehand by building a medium sized fire. A dozen feet away going uphill was the stump of a tree that once stood there. It had broken about four feet from the ground. The rest of the tree was nowhere to be seen. It's diameter was at least six feet across if not more. It looked as if the center had began to rot at one time and had been filled with a large flat rock that filled the void. It was bark-less and symbols like were on the rocks at the pools were carved on it. Sitting on the stone were familiar tools used in ceremonies. The most familiar to me were a knife and a large silver goblet. There was the most beautiful quartz crystal I had ever seen, being at least eight inches long and two inches in diameter. Other items I did not recognize. Obviously this was an alter.

    We began to form a circle encompassing the fire and the tree. Scattered on the ground were other tools such as the staffs we sisters always carried as well as other similar but different looking rods of differing lengths and ornateness from simple to more elaborate. There were full waterskins that we had carried on our journey as well as a large stoneware vessel also filled with water.

    We all stood there silently for a few minutes and it was Salacia who first stepped forward and speak.

    “Salt is life as much as the blood that flow within our veins. The evil spirits that surrounds us fear the salt that absorbs their essence. Be it known that we are sealed in salt this day, sheltered from your influences. You may test our resolve but may not enter this sacred circle.”

    With that Salacia first walked the the rear of the alter pulling out a bag that she always carried. She began to reach into it and sprinkle the salt it contained as she walked from there and then behind all the participants. The Salt-Bearer indeed. When were circle was complete she returned to her place within the circle.

    Kai walked over to the alter and picking up the goblet walked to the stoneware vessel and filled it. She first walked to Ahi Adra and handing it to her she began to speak.

    “We see the Sacred Tree with root, body and dreams which bridges the Three Worlds. Give us insight.” Slowly she walked the circle and each of them took a drink. Kai then took a drink and returned the goblet to the alter before going back to her place in the circle.

    Next stepping out was Ahi Adra and she held here arms aloft and looked to the sky.

    “We are the Sacred Hoop that holds the Four Winds. Healing and blessing to our peoples with all Great Spirit has to give. Aho.” She then stepped back.

    Erie the Little Sea-Urchin had a voice that surprised us. She was quiet most times but even though she is small in stature her voice is strong and oddly deep.

    “We are the Spirit that binds the four Sacred Elements together. They give us all strength and wisdom. Water, fire, earth and air. May it always be so.”

    Acionna spoke as the leader of the traveling Sea Daughters. Most conversation had been done by Salacia who had a disposition more like Tess's. Acionna had always intrigued us.

    “Love and Death walk hand in hand in all worlds until we see there is no difference between the two. The Void holds no judgment and into the Void we wish to venture. We ask all the Wise Ones, Spirits and Ghosts to guide us, now and always. Harm none and do as you will shall be the whole of the law.”

    With that we all felt feelings of leaving this world. Looking around the quality of it all felt dreamlike. Thus began a ritual that took each of us on different journeys. We shared some visions but most were very personal. It was Pyhtia's vision that most interest us and was told later after we all returned to this world and gathered in a special large hut near the village. It had food and drink for us as we each told our tale. This place is called Felagi-Gestr which Kai told us was from the Norse/Viking words meaning fellow guest. It is a large communal space the Gatekeepers have for larger groups of visitors and some teaching. This is where we had been living while there with Ari Adra, Kai, and Arachne. Before Pythia spoke to us Tess asked to be the first to speak.

    “At first after the prayers and blessings were said I did not feel much different. Then I noticed my teacher Ptah standing on the hillside nearby. I thought of telling everyone where I was going and why but everyone seemed to be mediating so I decided to go meet him unannounced. I was very excited to see him and told him so, to which he said the same to me. In my meeting this time all of our communicating was telepathic. In my first meeting with him after taking the Sacred Necter here before I had felt like I was of three separate essences of being. But this time I was only of one essence, that of my normal body and mind. I felt all I experience was in “real” time.

    “Ptah took me by the hand and we began to float upward, climbing higher and higher until we left the earth completely. We traveled past the known planets into the space beyond. Beyond them we slowed and descended on to the surface of another planet. Ptah told me that this where he was born. We wandered the streets and the people and life seemed not un-similar to our own. They wore clothing like Ptah with that same shiny unfamiliar fabric. After a while we again rose upward and we drifted to an area outside of the city we had been in. There on a hill was an unusual looking building with open side and pillars that looked like some I have seen of temples in Greece and Rome except the materiel they were made of was more metallic looking and had an unusual shimmer and coloring.

    “We descended again setting down at the bottom of stairs that led up. We climbed and then went inside the structure. It was simple and only has a small alter at the rear of it and a interesting chair in front of that. Ptah told me that this was a place where he once spoke and guided his people and he was once considered a prophet.

    “He then shared the most amazing thing. He told me that his task has always been to tell me that what is occurring on our planet is in preparation for his people to come from his and meet us one day, perhaps soon. He said that Pythia would be one who will determine the timing of this based on visions she will have that the people adopt as truth. He said, like other have, that fate is not a given and is always in flux.

    “We then returned to this ritual ground and as I said goodbye to him he faded away and I walked back and joined you. It was not long and everyone was standing and we walked to here. I know this vision was not one of symbolism that I must try to decipher but a seed that I am to plant in our minds.”

    We all said our piece and then Pythia went last. Until this Pythia had been sitting with her head down listening. It wasn't until that moment that we all noticed that her eyes were very different looking. We all gasped a little because it was the first time we noticed what is now called Pythia's Chatoyant Eyes, having a changeable luster like that of a cat’s eye at night. Her eyes are now always like this. She has that noticeable sparkle in her eye and that look of one who is straddling the worlds. She began to tell us her tale.

    “My attention was drawn to my left and outside the salt circle Isaw many extra large snakes rolling in a frenzied mating ball. I watched them for a couple of minutes when the ball began to rise and standing there was the naked Goddess I recognized from my studies as Astarte. I have always been interested in snake symbology and the gods and goddesses that surrounded them. Her arms were stretched out and she was holding a snake in both hands while the rest at her feet slithered off into the treeline. In smooth transition rising from her stomach a cobra ascended and replaced her neck and head with its. Her body that fed the two snakes she was holding into the mouth of the cobra. As the cobra devoured them the light outside the circle began to fade and all was dark and I could see nothing.

    “I could see you all still and you all appeared to be sitting down one at a time. I felt out of sync and decided I must follow their lead. The area was still bright with the light of the sun and I saw that we were sitting not just in a dome but a in a sphere with the darkness surrounding us. My eyes could see into the earth below me and with my Eglow sight I could see worms, ants and rodents moving about unaware of my presence. Slowly the darkness faded away and the outside once again looked much like the land by the pools we had first arrived in.

    “I began to feel anxious and the sphere was beginning to feel more like a prison than a sacred space of safety. Voices outside seemed to be calling me. I thought could this be the evil spirits that Salacia had said were waiting to lie and corrupt when she spread her salt? If I followed the voices would I be led astray lost in the netherworld? I began to feel the confusion I had felt when I first took the Sacred Amrita. Had Kai put it in the water and not told us?

    “I leaned back on my arms feeling the grass in my hands and closed my eyes. When I opened them again I still saw the others but my eyes were drawn to a crack that was forming in the sphere. As I looked at it a shimmering specter of Grigori appeared standing near it and pointing. He was looking right at me and he said, 'Here.' I did not feel surprise but looked at the others to see if you saw him too. Most of you were sitting with eyes closed except Tess whose eyes were open very wide and she was looking in an opposite direction.

    “I saw Ahi Adra stand and picked something up off the ground. It was a plant bundle of some sort. She walked over to the fire and set it ablaze. I recognized the aroma. It was sage like the Indians burn in their lodges. The spell was pleasant and I enjoyed it. But slowly the smoke began to fill the room and soon one could not see through it and I began to cough. It became so uncomfortable that all I could think was escape. I stood and ran toward where I had seen the crack in the sphere. The crack had gotten larger and with difficulty I squeezed meself through it and soon I was standing outside, smoke free. I put my face near the outer surface of the sphere and attempted to look inside to see if the others were alright. The smoke began to float out of the crack that was now closing. Soon the air inside was clear and I could see the others. Some were sitting and some were laying on the ground but I could see that you all appeared to be moving a little and alright.

        “I turned around and standing there was a beautiful all white horse. Without thinking I jumped on its back. I have not ridden bareback often but I felt very comfortable. I looked around and she could see a city shimmering in the hazy distance. With no effort on my part the horse began to trot off in that direction. My thought was, 'Whoa, wait a minute!'. The horse stopped. It was then I realized the horse heard my thoughts and I needed no reins to control it. 'Ok. Go ahead.. I thought.

    “Again we were headed toward the distant city. The landscape seemed to change every few minutes. One moment it was a grassy plain. Then a forested mountain and in another moment it was a vast landscape of all the rusted machines, collapsing houses and buildings and piles of bones like I had seen before in my travels. It felt as is I had been riding for hours and looking up I could see the city was near. I did not recognize it but it was much more like Genesis than New Eden. It was well kept and I could see the patchwork of the ancient, the old and the new. I rode into the city and the people were also a variety, much like Genesis. No one seemed to notice me as I asked a passing man what city this was. He kept walking apparently having heard nothing. If I stopped and listened intently I could hear what they were saying and thinking though. I gathered that the people were content. For the most part their thoughts were on ordinary things. I meandered to what I could see was the center of the city, my attention drawn to a certain building there. Going to it I dismounted my horse and walked up the stairs, going inside.

    “There were people looking busy but not stressed going about their business. I heard my name mentioned and I followed the voice I was hearing, approaching a room and opening the door. Looking inside it was dark to dim light and I was trying to adjust my eyes. A voice said 'Pythia. We have been waiting for you. Please enter and sit.'.”

    “I was surprised but not fearful. My eyes were still adjusting and I could see a group of five people sitting around a table as the man speaking indicated he wished for me to sit next to him which I did. My eyes now fully adjusted I was curious about what I was seeing.

    “All of those present were wearing the same light brown robe that looked like it was made from a rough coarse linen. The table was clear of any items. As I looked at the faces of those around me I began to feel a bit nauseated because the faces were in an constant state of mutability changing every five seconds or so. The changing faces at times were ones I recognized but for the most part I did not. It was a while before I gained some balance and my dizziness subsided. The man began speaking again.

    “ 'First we would like to tell you that your brother and Alexander's return to Black Swan is underway. We are not at all sure if Alexander has reliably transformed his mind but we are sure that Jessie will continue to reinforce his transformation and when they do reach Black Swan our hope they can translate what they have learned to their followers there and they will be allies in earnest.

    “Griffin has continued to work on the satellite communications and we have been contacted by peoples far and wide, even thousands of mile away. They for the most part are of the same mind as us. Peaceful peoples who only wish to survive. Pilgrim, Rumor and Rolo are learning about their cultures and we have been sharing all we know with them. It is truly the dawning of a new age. All the preparations have been made for your journey south and you may leave any time you are ready. But do not forget to take this along.'

    “The man reached down and pulled something up and sat it on the table in front of me. It was a short staff about two and a half feet long and an inch and a half in diameter. It appeared to be made of oak. It was plain from the bottom upward until it came to a two inch sphere that was clear which held a moving blue fire within it. The wood looked as if it had grown around it with three branches holding it on to the shaft. Above the sphere the wood held a beautiful golden trident with prongs about  six to eight inches in length. The outer prongs curved gracefully outward while the center one was straight. I reached out slowly and touched the sphere. I was surprise because it was cool to the touch and I had expected it to be hot because of the blue flame it contained.

    “Again the man reached down and said, 'Here is a case for you to carry it in for now.' as he set it in front of me also.

    'For now I suppose this is all. We know you must be leaving and we too have duties to attend to. I will allow you to find your way and we will go ours.'

    “With that all of the people there began to shimmer and fade away one by one leaving me alone at the table. I put the tool into the case and stood up. When I left the room it was much brighter and again I had to wait for my eyes to adjust. Looking to the right and to the left I saw the Woman in White standing at the end of the hall! As I walked towards her she turned and went around a corner, As I turned it also and the Goddess was nowhere to be seen. This, like everything Ihad been witnessing, did not seem strange to me only curious.”

    Note here. The staff she received she later named The Purities.

    “I left the building, got on to the horse and headed back the way I had come, leaving the city behind. This time the way back was much faster. As I looked around and I could see ghostly images of other riders with me. I recognized them as the Sisters and Grigori. I refrained from calling out to them and as I saw the sphere up ahead they all faded away. Arriving at the sphere I dismounted and in a moment the horse too disappeared slowly. I could see the others were still inside and I began to look for the crack to reenter. I did not see it and proceeded to walk the perimeter looking further. Once I had walked around the entire way I stopped and stood looking and wondering what I could do next. As I was thinking this an actual door appeared before me. I reached out and opened it then walked again inside. Looking behind the door was no longer there.

    “Looking forward everything began to loose that otherworldly feeling and I felt very tired and just wanted to lay down. I did so and closing my eyes I could hear the others breathing. I felt myself breathing along with you in a synchronized fashion. I did not know how long I laid there but the next thing I was aware of was someone speaking my name. I slowly opened my eyes and it was Kai saying, 'Pythia. Pythia, are you alright?'.

    “'I believe so.' I said as I sat up. I felt new tool still in my hand and on my lap. For a moment I wondered if I was still visioning. As I looked around I saw the others were all standing, stretching and moving around. There was no more sphere surrounding you and I knew I was back in the normal world. All my thoughts were suddenly on the fact that I had my new gift in my hand and obviously I had brought it back from the netherworld. I reached out indicating to Kai that I wished a hand up. Tha was when said, 'Let's go find something to eat and we will talk about what we have seen.'

    “Then we all walked back down the path leading to the Irkalla's Pools which continues downward still to the village. But as we were passing the pools I was drawn to the rocks I had noticed before. I knelt down and touched one. My eyes closed and I could see, like a movie shown in the Theatre Mystère, I and the others as we had recently done our ritual bath there.”

    This was the first time she realized that at times inanimate objects spoke to her and showed her images of the recent past as the object experienced it. She came to call this experience Past Truth. While she told us her vision we could see she was was in trance and when she was finished it was noticeable that she was back in this world. Pythia identifies this world as The Solid when talking about it.

    We could see that shew had returned to this world and she told us her netherworld sight seemed to fade by a lot and she was no longer sure if her vision was real or a symbol she should decipher. We had at this point not noticed her staff she was carrying. It was the one from her vision.

    “The one thing that tells me it was not just a dream is that I have actually brought she staff back from the netherworld to The Solid.”

    We could tell she was hesitant but she allowed it to be passed around between us. Holding it we all were amazed and speechless. After everyone had little to say about her new staff that my sisters and I call a wand. It was getting late and we all seemed to want to relax into their own thoughts. Kai bid us all a good evening and she and Arachne left to go to their own dwellings. We all slept well that night. It felt too soon and the morning arrived. We did sleep later than usual because the sun was higher in the sky then would indicate it was dawn. We all rose slowly and did tour own morning rituals. Everyone could not help but notice that Pythia still had the netherworld look in her eyes. Kai soon appeared with those who were bringing in new trays of food and drink and clearing the table of those of the last evening. Once this was done we all sat once again together.

    Everyone was curious about what Kai had told them of her vision. In it she told how basically she has stayed in and around Sanctus Orbis. For her at first she did not see anything out of the norm. But then she noticed activity on the southern side of the village and walked there to find people working setting up new domes, perhaps a dozen. Her attention was drawn back to the center of Sanctus Orbis and see saw herself, Azri and Kane greeting a group of people to the village. They had turned and began to escort them through the village to Felagi-Gestr where they were now sitting. She joined them inside as Azri told them that much of their studies would happen in this dome. It was then that she realized it was a vision of the future and their small village and their students had increased and taken on a new focus. She looked around and noticed many who were not from Genesis because they had different type clothing and mannerisms. She was not sure how she felt about this and the prospects.

    Pythia had been sitting with her legs facing backwards beneath her, holding tight to her wand out of its case. She sat up straighter. Her movement was noticed by the us and as we looked at her she took the wand and hit it's base hard on the ground. Its blue flame became brighter. Her eyes were fully showing she was in trance and in the netherworld.

    “History shows that good things often are corrupted as they evolve. When many minds enter a once small tight vision the energy will change and not always for the better. Your task, as I see it, is to hold strong to the pure vision yet flow with what is offered. The search for the Absolute is in the hearts of many and they seek guidance. This too is your duty to the Fates. I see cells dividing as conception takes its natural course. These new people are stalks of wheat in the fields of our futures. New thoughts and dreams are being born exponentially in hearts and minds since the Battle of Inktomi. In the netherworld there are no beginnings or endings but in The Solid all things change and all we have control of is how we each adjust to those changes. I know you are strong and blessed by the Absolute Kai. I also know you can hold the pure vision. Do not let the changes in The Solid distract your eyes from Divine Ecstasy.”

    With that Pythia leaned backward and fell into unconsciousness. Tessw ran to her and held her head in her lap stoking her hair. It did not last long. We were all concerned. Kai stepped over and sat beside Tess. Pythia sat up and said, “I am sure I will be fine now.” It was not until much later that we spoke of what had happened and what Pythia had said to Kai. It was not until after Pythia had left and gone back to Genesis.

        After Pythia had fainted we all got up and went outside. Pythia said she needed to return to Genesis and asked where Waiz may be. She went back into Felagi-Gestr and collected her things, found and saddled Wiaz and said her goodbyes. Tess said she was going to remain with us but would return to Genesis if she was needed. With that Pythia road off, back to Genesis. We all watched until she was out of sight. Then Kai asked us to return to Felagi-Gestr to make our plans for the near future and the arrival of the Sea Daughters soon and the other seers soon after that.

    Here I must take a bit of a diversion. After Pythia returned to Genesis it was told to us that much happened in regard to Alexander. Essentially Pythia continued her talks with him. In these talks she began to engage with spirits of different kinds that were attached to him. He was not aware of these spirits himself nor did anyone else know about them. Pythia for her own reasons only told Ira and Grigori about them. As far as Alexander he began to go into a sort of insanity similar to schizophrenia. This was hidden from everyone by him and the Tillers unaware allowed Alexander and his people full access to Genesis as any normal citizen. Alexander, Jessie and his people who wanted to returned to their homes in Black Swan. What happened with Alexander I will not articulate here in my chronicle of events. For that I will leave you to refer to Antu Anu (historian, mythologist and librarian) of Genesis who has also written about Pythia and her journeys. My desire is the write about the events that occurred for my sisters and I with Pythia, the Sea Daughters and the other seers.