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Alliance Of Three Worlds


    For a year I wrote my novel Pingora. Working on editing and publishing phase. I also have three other books in progress based on the same story. For a little diversion I have written a story that I wish to put online for free, asking only for a donation if you can to help me fiance the publication of the larger work.

    First a synopsis of the main story. I like to call it a dystopian occult novel. It has themes of philosophy, politics, environmentalism and the supernatural to name a few. It is written in the form of a historical fiction by an academic turned story writer who lives in a city formed after war and environmental disasters came together in a perfect storm and almost over night (five-years) the world as we know it was dismantled. It is a tale of those who survived and takes place approximately seventy-five years later. The main city is a dichotomy with a mixture of modern technology and primitive ones. The reason being that the survivors wished to not perform extraction practices and used salvaged items for the most part not to further use and abuse the earth. They have few laws and taboos but base their world on philosophies of peace and non-violence.

    The story is told by a historian based on things he was told told by all the characters years after the events happened. It follows my protagonist as she becomes a powerful visionary with unusual gifts. My protagonist finds that she is involved in a war with a society of survivors nearly nine-hundred miles away. They have headed to my main city because their leader wishes to possess a very special thing they have. He is marching toward the city with his soldiers with the intent to take it. The tale is one of who she met along the way to stop him, places she saw and the slow evolution of her political and spiritual power.

    It follows a pretty standard theme of good verses evil but with a twist. The story “Alliance Of Three Worlds” starts with the story teller telling about what is called in the main novel “The Battle of Inktomi” and all the events that led up to this day. It is a chronicle of events written from the vantage point of a woman named Aja. She is not privy to much that took place. In fact she does not come into the main story until much past half way. It touches on many things in the main novel but to have more detail it can be found in reading the main novel itself. I hope you enjoy it and consider a PayPal donation. Follow the verticle navs at the left and please excuse this unedited version. You can find a link for PayPal at bottom left. Next Page One

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