Without order nothing can exist. Without Chaos nothing can evolve.

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About Me:

This little section used to have a lot of info (3 long paragraphs) about me but was full of identifiers of things I used to do and feel. Much has change for me in recent years so I have chosen to remove all that and simply say "I am a human being" living on the planet Earth. Modified March 26th, 2016

About This Site:

After all these years of surfing the web it is simply incalculable how many web sites a person has visited. As you are are well aware a simple search for the way to spell the word ennui suddenly becomes a quest into ancient Greek philosophy, then, without a thought,  you find yourself standing in a monolithic temple built 11,000 years ago by a forgotten  human society, then swiftly being propelled into the theories of ancient aliens. Before you know it you need a warehouse the size of the Boeing Everett Factory to hold your “favorites files”.

So in a real sense this website is my own little file warehouse for holding information I personally find of interest and to be utilized as a quick reference to that information. Secondly, but just as importantly, my intent is to help others with similar interests to access related information. And just maybe you will add this site to your own personal favorites folders and share the link with others. That thought give me a little ego driven smile.

Kether Muse Is A Work Of Love
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Images are usually also links. Most of the links on the site open in independent windows
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The info below has changed over time and you will find many small images that link to
videos, articles or larger images on the web.
Modified 5-11-2016.
Below are some of those images.


The Worm Hole currently is a holding area for me but also it is a place to see what is new to the site and an ongoing link to interesting articles and such I find on the internet and wish to share.
This page will be morphing and revolving daily.

In the Shadows page you will find an eclectic medley of content that
may not all fit with the overall flavor of this site.

Some things I personally love.

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